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Sunday, 2 October 2011

The Stars

This morning I was on my friend's tumblr and saw that she'd wrote this beautiful piece of writing. The funny thing is, a couple of nights ago I was feeling the same.

In case you were to lazy to read it, it's a post about the stars and stuff. On Friday night I went to a youth group. Our usual place to meet has been shut down so we had a BBQ and, luckily, it was exactly the right weather for it. It was warm and clear skied. Instead of spending the night being hyper and really sociable I ended up sitting with a group of friends, eating, talking and lying down looking at the stars. It was amazing. The weather was perfect. It was warm but not to warm once it was dark and the sky was completely cloudless. There was one person  there who I'd never really talked to and I spent most of the night either sitting talking to him or lying on the grass, looking up at the stars talking to him. I loved it.

I don't get to see the stars very often. I'm not out after dark a lot of the time and when I am I'm usually inside somewhere or it's to cloudy to see the stars. Whenever I do get a glimpse, though, I find it amazing. The nights sky really is amazing. All those little pricks of light up there, all those burning pieces of mass. What I find most amazing is the fact that those little holes of silver are so far away, so different from how they seem now. Apparently, we see the nights sky as it was in Shakespeare's time. That's mind blowing, isn't it? The sky we see doesn't really look like that now, it's from the past. It's forever changing. How long until people see what the stars are like now? What marker will they use for it?

Looking up at the stars gives you a real sense of how everything is so much bigger than you. The darkness, the little bits of light, they go on forever. We don't know what's out there, we know there's something but we don't know what and I don't think we'll ever know.

I just can't quite wrap my head around it and, like so many other things I can't put my feelings into words right. Just go read Shann's post. It sums up most of what I've been trying to say, as always, other people can put my thoughts into words better than I can.

One last thing I want to say is that, when I read my friend's post this morning I felt like it was just perfect. On Friday I was quietly thinking to myself how amazing the stars and the night's sky was, then the next night one of my closest friends right now was thinking more or less the same thing. Universal connections.

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