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Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Last blog of May!

So, it's the last day/blog of May! I can't believe its June tomorrow, thats just insane! It feels like May has only just begun but, at the same time it fees like the 1st May was forever ago! That always seems to happen at the moment...

So, because it's June tomorrow I thought I'd tell you about my summer plans! You know, because June is meant to equal summer and all. I mentioned a bit about my summer plans in my last blog but I decided to go into more detail because, well I don't know why, just because it gives me something to write about!

As you (probably) know, I am currently in the middle of my exams. My last exam is 15th June and I can not wait for it to be over! My last exam is Biology and I'm not too worried about it to be honest, I like Biology the most and I have about a week to revise just for that. But once its over I think I'm going to be so bored! Literally all I do is revise at the moment and I'm not going to know what to do with myself actually, expect more blogage out of boredom!

Two days after my last exam me and my mum are doing the starlight walk. The starlight walk is something that St. Roco's Hospice (where my dad was in the last few weeks of his life) does to raise money. It is a ladies only walk in the middle of the night and I think the whole thing is half a marathon. That should be fun, I'm expecting to be absolutely knackered and sore afterwards. I probably need to start getting in training but revision is my excuse for now! So, that should be fun and I'm glad I'm raising money for a good cause!

Then, in July I'm going on holiday with my mum for a week and a bit. Other than that I don't have any plans for July. I'm kind of looking forward to not doing anything in that month.

August will hopefully be a good month for me! I am planning on trying BEDA for the second time since I'm definatley going to be around in that month. I am also hoping/planning on volunteering with WASC (a charity that does summer/after school clubs for children with disabilities. I have contacted them and they said there is a program from 1st-27th August that I could help out with. They just need to contact me about training programs I need to do. That should be fun! I think that my BEDA for August will be better that for April because a) I won't be revising so I'll have more time to blog and b) I will actually be doing something I love (hopefully) which I can blog about.

So, that should be my summer! Expect those things to come.

This was kind of a hi, I'm going to talk about what I want to talk about, bye blog. Just a random one!

Today was awesome because: I met up with one of my best friends!

Saturday, 28 May 2011

A blog of thoughts...

The other day I watched a film called Julie/Julia. If you haven't seen the film, its about a woman who decides to cook everything in a famous cook's book in a year and she writes a blog about it. It's a really good film but I was most interested in her blog. It looked like she was using blogspot for it and it was really interesting to see her write her blog (in around 2002) and see how old fashioned blogger looked. I love blogging and I love this website so it was just so cool to me to see how it was years ago compared to how it was know. I think blogger has changed a lot now, I don't know whether its necessarily completely for good or not, blogger certainty seems to be a lot less active than it was a few years ago. Moral of the story: blogger seems to have changed, this was a random, pointless paragraph...

This may sound really weird and maybe a bit selfish/self obsessed but I honestly feel like my mind works in a very different way to a lot of people's do. I don't know why, I just notice the weirdest things, as I was talking about in that first paragraph. I don't know why, I just kind of seem to see the things that others don't. I'm often way more concerned about watching the supporting actors or the chorus in films/shows/tv programs. The behind the scenes stuff and the lives of actors in my favourite shows is what I like most. I'm also completely fascinated by people's relationships with each other, when I'm out in public etc. I always try to work out the relationships between people, if there's 2 people sat together I always try and work out if they're siblings/friends/family/in a relationship. I guess its just something I've always done/ That probably says a lot about me, I've no idea what but it probably does. It's just something I wanted to say.

I have officially now finished school since September which is very weird for me. I have such a long time off, after 15th June I actually don't have anything I have to do! I'm going to be so bored! I can't wait! This summer is hopefully going to be a good one! After prom I'm having a month where I'm completely on holiday but then in August I'm hopefully going to be volunteering with a charity for children with special needs for the whole month. Sometime in these months I plan to get a social life! Leaving school will hopefully have a good effect on my life. So, they are my plans for the next few months, I just felt the need to say them on here!

Recently, someone I look up to on YouTube has been talking about this book/blog called 100 awesome things, if you haven't seen it, have a look now. It's basically something to remind people of the awesome things in life. This is why I do my "Today was awesome because" at the end of my blog. Today I have a few from these few days that I'm going to share with you:

Awesome things in the past few days:

  • I got new headphones on Friday!
  • On Friday, me and Dan (see my last blog, it mentions him) were walking around school and started singing Pigfarts, pigfarts here I come, pigfarts pigfarts yum yum yum. The corridors were mostly empty but just as we got into it a teacher walked by. The look on his face was priceless!
  • Today someone put something I thought was really cool (you might even say awesome) on twitter. The said our generation (people born in 1993-1999) have lived in three decades, two centuries, and two millenniums and we're not even 18 yet. That is just one of the best things I have heard in a long time and it makes me happy to hear it!
  • Today I bought £30 worth of clothes! For the first time since nersury I won't be wearing a uniform at least some days out of the week. I don't have enough clothes for that! I only had 2 pairs of jeans (I only ever wear jeans) so I bought 2 more today! I also managed to get a dress, so that is why my day was awesome today! 

Friday, 27 May 2011

Real last day.

Today was our real last day. It was very emotional and worse that Wednesday but I think leaving may end up bringing our friendship group closer together (hopefully). We didn't do much at all today, just did an exam, ate and took pictures. Fun! I was a completely emotional wreck by lunch and the end of the day, it was kind of embarrassing but oh well, I prefer that then being emotionless. I love and will miss all my friends so much so I'm going to dedicate a little bit of my blog to each of them. Here goes...

Sally: Sally has been one of my best friends since year 7 and she is going to a different college to me next year. I'm going to miss her so much! School really won't be the same without her amazing smiley face! She is seriously one of my closest friends and I hope we are friends for a long long time to come! Here we are on the bus in the morning, I don't know what I'm going to do without her next year!

Chloe: I have known this girl since I was 5, we have been in the same class for 12 years and I can't believe we're hardly going to be in many (if any) classes together next year. I will miss that so much! She has been my best friend since our pegs were next to each other in reception. This is us...

Beth: Beth is one of the happiest, most dirty minded people I know! She hardly ever has anything other than a smile on her face and laughs at almost everything. She has made me a lot more childish and I love it! I have actually only known her for a few years but it feels so much longer! This is us being immature...

Emma: Another girl I have only known for a short time. I never knew I could become so close to someone in just over 2 years but somehow I have managed it. She is one of the nicest people I know and we are so random and funny when we're together. My best memory of her is sitting on a bench under our brollies in the rain one summer, just talking. This is us being the weirdos we are...

Amy: I've only actually been close with Amy for about a week but I've actually become really close to her. She turned me into a StarKid and I helped to turn her into a Gleek! She is crazy and wacky but I love her for it! This is what we do when we're together...

Ria: This is another friend I have known since year 7 and we haven't always got on too well but recently we have become a lot closer. I love her loads and really really hope we stay close next year! She's kind of camera shy but I have a picture of her as an angel with us all (the one with dark brown/blackish hair)...

Dan: This boy is the nicest boy I know! He is just always so kind and generally lovely and smart and stuff. I really don't know what I would do without him! He is like a brother/gay best friend to me. This is us messing around...

Dom: Dom is like my big brother, I have known him forever and I can't imagine life without him! He is also a really really nice guy and we kind of argue like brother and sister sometime! This is one of my favourite pictures of us both...

These are the guys I want to be little old ladies/men with. They are the best and craziest people I know, I wouldn't change any of them for the world! If any of you are reading this, I love you so much!!! Just needed to say it...

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Celebration day.

Today was our kind of official last day, or our celebration day. Basically, its a day to dress up and be silly and celebrate the fact that high school is nearly over for us! It was very emotional and I cried several times, mostly because one of my best friends won't be going to the same college as the rest of our friends next year. Also, one of my best friends wrote a really really lovely paragraph thing (I keep trying to call them posts, internet obsessed much?) that made me cry without even reading it properly. I just knew it would make me cry from the look on his face when he was writing it. He is seriously one of the sweetest, kindest guys I know! I'm so glad we're going to the same college next year! Okay, end of gushing. Today was so fun, me and my friends dressed up as angels and I think we looked really good! At the end of the day we had a big concert where the teachers and some students performed. I literally signed yearbooks and took pictures all day! I don't think I'll be doing much tomorrow either, oh the joys of finishing school!

In other news, I am still very very obsessed with StarKid and have basically been revising and watching YouTube for the past few days. Oh how fun my life is! I don't really have much to say I'm going to leave you with some pitures of today...ENJOY!

Me and my form friends, as angels!

Me in a 'fro, as you do!

Me and one of my best boy-friends, Dom.

Us angels in the morning

Me, Amy and Sally (angel, Belatrix and angel) these are 2 of my best friends!

Me and my other best boy friend!

So, that was a bit of my day! It was great, as you know!

Today was awesome because: I was angelic!

Saturday, 21 May 2011

I have a new, probably unhealthy obsession

My day today has mainly revolved around revision and watching Team StarKid videos on YouTube. Yes, that is my obsession. I feel like I need to make up for not finding out about their awesomeness earlier! If you don't know who they are then just search A Very Potter Musical on YouTube and prepare to become obsessed! Seriously, I cannot describe how amazing they are. I'm just fangirling all over everywhere now.

Just in case you don't look them up (probably because you're crazy) I'm just going to do a short introduction type thing to them. Basically, they are the totally awesome minds that created AVPM, AVPS, MAMD and Starship. If you don't know these plays then you need to! Darren Criss (now in Glee as Blaine) is one of the founding members of the company and he writes all the songs in their plays. Now, if that isn't enough awesome for you, the rest of the company are all super talented and super funny!

Okay, promoting is (kind of) over now.

The point of this is the fact that these guys (and girls) have kind of taken over my life recently. I have this habit of becoming obsessed with things and this is my new obsession. That was probably one of the most state the obvious things I have ever said but, you know, thats what I do! Also, I officially want to go to Pigfarts and meet Rublerawr!

My favourite cast members are:
        • Lauren Lopez (Draco Malfoy and my girl-crush)
        • Joey Richter (Ron and the guy I have the biggest crush on at the moment)
        • Joe Walker (Voldemort and Umbridge, the only guy who can make a lot of girls fall in love with him while playing a villain, a dick and a woman)
        • Darren Criss (damn that G.L.E.E. always making twisted abominations of everything)
        • Jaime Lyn Beatty (Ginny and one of the funniest people in the world)
        • and the rest...

 I may have been watching StarKid related videos for most of this Saturday...

Oh well! Its a good way to spend "the last day on earth" right?

I forgot until about that until just now. I seem to have lived through the first end of the world scare in my lifetime (that I can remember) so I see that as an accomplishment. I never believed this judgement day scare thing. If you hear a little bit about this guy who predicted it and have any sense in the world you can tell its a load of hogus bogus. This guy has used "maths from the bible" to predict the end of the world and judgement day. So, apparently today at 6pm (no idea what time zone) God was coming down to judge everyone and take all the good people up to heaven with him and everyone else would stay here on Earth for a few months in hell before the world was ended in October. Cool. Its currently 10pm in England and well into Sunday in Australia and places around there and if it has happened then hell looks a lot like Earth. It's not hot or anything! Fun times.

So, in conclusion, I am very very obsessed with StarKid Productions and the world was meant to end (kind of) today but didn't. Also, I like brackets and if you got any of the references in here your totally awesome!

Today was awesome because: It was a StarKid day!

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

If you really knew me.

So, today I watched a TV program called If You Really Knew Me. I have heard of it before but it is an American program and I've never seen it on TV over here before but I was flicking through channels today and I found it. I had heard people talking about how good it was but I didn't really know what to expect. I just thought it was amazing. The program made me think about what would happen if that same thing happened at my school and what I would say. If you don't know the program then this won't make any sense to you.

This program is basically about something that people are taking into schools in America that actually looks like a really good idea. Basically, people go into schools and have a day where they do loads of exercises to break down the cliques and stereotypes at schools. It seems like they do some ice breaker activities for fun then they get into groups and have to finish the sentence "If you really knew me you would know..." and just talk to their group about any problems or issues they have had in the past. It seems like a really good idea and seemed to really help people.

Like I said earlier the whole time I was watching the program I was thinking what if this exact same thing happened at my school. I honestly don't think it would be as successful in my school, or they would have to do it with just the last 3 years as I don't think younger people would really benefit as much from it. I would like to see if it would work in English schools though, I would be kind of reluctant to open up to some of the people in my year. I know that is the whole point of the program but I really don't know if I could trust some people in my year with my secrets and stuff. I don't know, its a great idea but I'm not sure how it would work here. Some of the kids in the program seemed to think like me at the start but it worked out. So honestly I don't know what would happen in my school.

I was also thinking the whole time about what I would actually say if I were on the program. I came up with a few but they're very personal so I'm not going to say them all. I can say one though. I know I would say "If you really knew me you would know that my dad died when I was 12 and I don't think I've ever got over it". Thats one that most of my close friends know at least part of.

So, that is just something I really wanted to talk about today because it really changed my thinking. Signing off  now! Bye!

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Boring Sunday Is Boring

I didn't really do much today. I went to church and did revision/homework for the rest of the day. Just a normal Sunday. I am kind of very nervous about the exams I have this week. I don't feel prepared AT all. On Tuesday I have exams in my 2 least favorite subjects: Music and RS. I hate them both and they are probably also my worst subjects as well. So yeah, Tuesday is not looking good for me.

Wow, I'm being so negative at the moment! There was a time when I decided that I was going to be happy all the time and just have the happiest outlook on life but that didn't work out. I found myself getting really really depressed after a few days, I guess I need to have some highs and lows in my day otherwise I have super high days then super low days. I mean, I was really really happy for a few days and then I was really really depressed  for a few days. So, it didn't work out. I don't really know what to do, I wish I could be one of those people who is perminantley happy but it just doesn't work out for me. They all say that happiness is a choice and all that but when I tried that it it just didn't work. I wish it did but it doesn't.

I don't really know what to say, I wish I had one of those minds that are always thinking and have so much to say but I don't. I wish I was a lot of things I'm not. I guess everyone is like that.

This blog was such a depressing I-wish-I-was-this-but-I'm-not blogs. Sorry

Today was awesome because: I watched the King's Speech with my mama!

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Type like I talk. Type the wrong words.

Random title. Fun times. So, I blogged yesterday and I'm also blogging today, thats big stuff! So, what's happened in the last 2 days (since yesterday was a blog from the day before). I feel the need for a list! What happened in the past few days:

    • On Friday, I went bowling with some friends
    • I took 124 pictures at this bowling
    • I realized I say so way to much!
    • We had to scrap our costume idea and come up with a new costume idea
    • We went to town to get stuff for our costumes
    • I revised, but not as much as I should have
So, I'll start with what happened with our costumes for celebration day. Our rubick's cube idea needed 8 people for it to work and one person dropped out of our group so we had to come up with another idea. But we did so its all good! We have decided to be angles because most of the teachers like us and it's the only thing we could think of. So, yeah, that's what we are going for celebration day! 
Today we went to town and got wings/dresses for it. So I think most of the costume is sorted! 

Yesterday a group of us went bowling with a youth club we go to and we had a really good time! I'm going to put some of my favourite pictures on here because I can.

This is everyone who was there, not that many people but they're kind of my best friends and I love them!

My friend, Beth, being her usual dirty minded self, this is why I lover her!

My new name, Kahryn. Pronounced a bit like Karen in a Welsh accent (you have to pronounce the H.

A weird picture of me that I strangely like.

Me and Chloe, my friend I've known since I was 4.

Dan with "his precious" bowling ball (It was the smallest, lightest one we got and was just right for me)

Me, kissing my friend, Emma's, cheek. Because I love her.

A picture of the bumper cars we went on. These included me managing to hit my teeth with my camera. Fun!

So, that was my night in pictures. I took a lot! It was a fun night and I love taking pictures when me and my friends are together to remind me of the good times we had when I'm all old and stuff.

Today was awesome because: I bought some nail polish that cracks and looks really cool!

Friday, 13 May 2011

Stuff, stuff, stuff

I wrote this blog yesterday but blogger went down while I was writing it so I'm publishing it today, I may blog again later tonight but I just wanted to put it up here. So, here you are...

So, I have a bit of revision-free time right now so I'm going to blog! I don't usually blog during the week but I didn't stay after school as long as normal and feel like I have more time tonight. So, thats what I'm doing! I don't really know what to talk about really, I've just been revising and going to school and thats basically it. My life is boring right now. I can not wait until the summer. When my exams are over I will just have so much more extra time, I won't know what to do with myself!

I have got a few blogs I want to write and will probably do that at the weekend and post them through the week. So, this was just kind of me checking in and making excuses for not blogging, so, yeah. Just wanted to say hi!

I'm going to do a today was awesome because, just because I think it is a good thing for me to do.

Today was awesome because: We went to one 10 min revision session then a quick 2/3 min question-type revision session. Yeah, that was fun!

Friday, 6 May 2011


So, since I last blogged a lot of things have happened so I'm going to do a good old fashioned list because I like lists! So, what has happened since 30th April?

    • I watched A Very Potter Musical (AMAZING)
    • Osama Bin Laden got killed
    • I got my first exam (drama) out of the way
    • I stayed at school till 6pm 2 nights practicing for the previously mentioned exam
    • We got our costumes for celebration day sorted!
    • It was my mum's birthday
    • It was also star wars day (May the 4th be with you)
    • I revised (as always)
    • I gave serious thought to my website idea and decided I really want to give it a go
    • Some other things that I can't remember probably happened
Now for the talking/explaining part! I'm just going to go in order of the list, not chronological order because I just can't be bothered thinking...

A Very Potter Musical is something that I have known of for quite a while but I've not really been bothered about it before. I don't know why I just decided that I wanted to watch it, I just did. It's probably all because of the supermegafoxyawsomehot Darren Criss! Yes, that was a AVPM reference. Because I'm that sad. Really, if you haven't seen it, GO SEE IT NOW. The starts a little meh but I promise it gets better! So, fangirl over!

I really want to talk about Osama Bin Laden's death because I feel like I have completely opposite views to everyone on this. I don't know, I just can't actually see something positive from his death. I just can't not think that there won't be a retaliation from his followers now and I just can't celebrate the fact that a person is dead, no matter what. It seemed that most of America was celebrating and I just cannot do that. Maybe thats just me, I don't know. One of the perfect comments I have read is this quote: "So, we killed someone who killed a lot of people to show that killing people is wrong?" That quote/tweet just sums it up for me really. But I said that to one of my friends and they shouted at me. I guess its an issue everyone is always going to disagree on. 

On Thursday I did my first exam of the summer! I got my drama exam over and done with! This exam has caused me so so much stress and annoyance. For ages I have been looking forward to the end of Thursday. Now I have so much more time to do other work and revise and other, equally interesting things. I think our performance went OK, we were in the best place, I think. Being 2nd meant we didn't have the horrible nervousness of being first but we also got it over and done with quickly. All the other groups were amazing! I'm just hoping I get a C. Drama is the only subject that I am not confident that I will get above a C on so I'm kind of glad its out of the way and I can focus on my next exams now. 

The last thing I want to talk about is our costumes for the end of school. I found some rubik's cube costumes last night and suggested it to everyone. Thankfully everyone liked it! For once, we agreed on something! Then, this morning one of my friends came up with the idea that we could all be one big rubik's cube. Thankfully there's 8 of us so 4 of us can be corners and 4 of us can be sides. It's going to be ace!! Today we kind of completely sorted the end of school! We decided on our costumes, (hopefully) got a full limo and table for prom! Yeah, so today has been a successful day! Overuse of exclamation points! Cool. 

So, I'm going to go now. I'm not going to go through the other points because they're pretty self explanatory. So, yeah, bye....