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Monday, 31 January 2011

Physics is over!!

So, today I had my physics exam, I thought it was really hard actually. But so did everyone else so its all good. Hopefully, because of this the grade boundaries will be low! Nothing much really happened today, I had a fun lunch before the exam, just goofing around with my friends. Laughing and being stupid is the best. Especially when you're stood outside the place your exam is about to take place freezing your extremities off. Yes, I did just say that extremely geeky thing. You know you love it!

Random question: why do I keep smelling lindor chocolate? If you can answer it, I will love you forever!

Prom update: We asked one of our boy mates to come in our limo to prom but people kept bugging him to come to prom and he said no but another one of our boy mates says he will come with us if there is another boy so fingers crossed the first boy mate changes his mind!

Today was awesome because: I sang/did the can can very badly before I had a physics exam!

Sunday, 30 January 2011

Sunday Sunday

Today was just kind of a day. I went to church, went to asda and meant to do some spanish and physics work. This morning my mum told me that it is probably best if we book the limo for prom today so I texted round the 6 friends I thought were going to come in the limo with me for prom. But one of them, who wasn't there last night, texted back saying that she was going with another group of friends. So that messed it all up because we thought having 6 people in an 8 seater car would be okay but 5 people is kind of meh. So I got stressed about that and everything. Who knew that getting to prom would be so stressful! Now I just have to get my dress, which I can't wait to do! Prom is 5 months away! Then I have 2 months off school then college, I can not wait! So the end of school is in sight - scary but good. So after I told my mum about that she said that she thought for a bit then said that she would make up what was left of the money. Yes, my mum is the best mum ever! I love her I do.

So, once we got home and had lunch my mum rang up the limo company to book it and unfortunately they said there were no 8 seater cars left but the guy was going to ring one of his friends to see if he has a car. But, after a few minutes he rang back saying that he found one 8 seater limo that was free. So we booked it! This paragraph was going to move on from prom. This is when I am going to move on. So, after that great thing happened I started to attempt to work but I just could not concentrate. My physics exam is tomorrow so I kind of needed to revise and stuff but it didn't go very well. Oh well, I managed to do a few past papers! I hate physics.

Now I am trying to finish this in time for Wild at Heart. I hate/love how dominated by TV my life is. I guess Internet didn't really kill Television for me. Oh well!

Today was awesome because: It was the last day I will have to revise physics until the summer!

Saturday, 29 January 2011

Great day! :D

So today has been really good! It started off as a normal Saturday with keyboard and shopping and stuff but then my friends came over! That was just ace, but before I start on that I'm going to go into more detail about yesterday!

I can't really remember what I said about yesterday yesterday, so I'm going to start again! Basically, last night it was choices - a youth club that I go to once a month. This time I invited 2 more of my friends to come. So I had more close friends there which was really good. The night was just a great night and it was really fun and stuff. So that was great! The only bad thing was that I kind of felt on the edge of the fun all the time. When I wasn't sat with people they seemed to be having loads of fun but when I went over to sit with them they didn't seem to be having fun. So that was wierd, it was fun but not as good as I hoped. Oh well, atleast I saw my friends outside school! It was weird though, by the end of the day it felt like I'd had 2 days in one.

So, this morning I really thought it was Sunday, which is kind of good 'cause it means I get an extra day! Anyway, once I came back from keyboard/shopping I had lunch and worked until about 5 when all my friends came over. I asked them all to come round to try and sort out prom and cars to get there and stuff. We got quite a lot done really, we kind of have a short list of limos that we could possibly go in. Its difficult because of the cost and stuff. It was so fun! We must have spent half the time just laughing. Then laughing some more. Then some more. It was just so fun! At one point my tummy was actually hurting because I was laughing that much. So it was a pretty amazing day! It became a bit stressful in the end but overall it was great! I think I am overusing exclimation points at the moment, but that just shows how amazing my night was! I hate the fact that I don't see my friends enough outside of school but hopefully we will see each other more in the summer.

Tomorrow is going to be a day of work. I have my physics exam on monday so I have revision to do for that and I have to learn my spanish coursework for wednesday. So that should be fun...not. Its going to be weird not seeing my friends tomorrow but I'll see them again on monday! So its all god!

Today was awesome because: I laughed so much my tummy hurt AND I blogged properly

Friday, 28 January 2011

Crappy blog :)

This is going to be a bad, short blog, sorry! So, I just got in from choices and it was pretty good! I've had a good day today which was good, nothing special really happened today...

Today was awesome because: I spent time with my friends outside of school!

Thursday, 27 January 2011

Good days are good!

So I actually had a good day today! It wasn't just a normal day, it was a good day! So it was just kind of a normal day with laughs but then, in the second drama lesson of the day it got good. We all thought we were in the arts theatre but we weren't so we just kind of waited there 'cause we didn't really want to get on with drama. We were all sat round in a circle talking and stuff and wondering where miss was. We were debating hiding from miss when she came and we really wanted to go up and sit on the seating bit thats upstairs in the arts theatre but we chickened out. I wish we had though, it would have been great!

So drama was good, and its choices tomorrow and friends are over on saturday so hopefully I have a good weekend this weekend! I may not blog that much but I promise to do a big blog at the end!

Today was awsome because: It wasn't normal!

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Just a day...

So today was good, until the last lesson of the day - chemistry. We had laughs and things, despite double english. But then, in chemistry we were doing experiments in groups sir put us in. I was with 2 of my friends and a popular person but one of my friends gets on with the popular one so it wasn't too bad at first. At the start we split into 2 groups and did what we needed to do. But after that the popular girl decided she just wanted to talk to everyone else and the other one of my friends just sat there. Me and my other friend just kind of got on with it and did what we needed to. Next thing I know I get a text woth the friend who was just sat there's facebook status which said something like "Hate people who are stuck up and walk around thinking they're better than me" which was obviously directed at us. So that annoyed us. Then we all got peed off and the day ended pretty badly. So, after waiting for ages for the bus to come for us after school I got home and watched TV 'til my mum's financial adviser came to help her with her money and stuff. I thought he would be here for about an hour or so but he stayed for over an hour! He arrived at 4:40 and he didn't leave untill about 7! So we had to get tea and everything much later than normal which was kind of suckish 'cause it kind of threw my whole night off. While the guy was here I was attempting to do some spanish work but that failed, as my concentration would not happen. So, for 2 hours work, I didn't get much done. Which sucked. So the last part of today was pretty lame to be honest.

I have just written a massive paragraph so I think I'm going to go now. I bet I've already bored you so its time for me to go!

Today was awsome because: I spent double English singing with some of my best friends!  AND   I got the first comments on 2 videos!!

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

The day of a day

Had a pretty good day today really. I had lessons and I stayed behind for spanish practise. It was okay, I had to do a test to see if I'm going to do higher or foundation listening in the actual exam in summer. I'm going to do foundation, 'cause I can still get an A if I get a C on the listening. So I kind of prefer that because I kept getting Ds on the higher paper. So its al good! Also, today we decided to try and sort out prom. I'm in my last year of high school so this year involves exams, exams, exams, dressing up day, exams, exams, exams and prom! Everyone has started to get their prom dresses and organise how to get there and stuff. There was a meeting thing at one of our friend's houses today about it and so it really needs to get sorted out. Especially because we need to book a car/limo to take us, and we need to take into account cost and stuff so its all complicated. I have decided that I am going to try and have everyone over on Saturday to try and sort it out.

My life has got a bit less sad and I have more things I'm planning with my friends, which is good 'cause I don't get to see my friends outsde of school as much as I would like to. Its choices (youth club I go to) on friday then I've got people coming over on Saturday. I also have plans to go over to Dan's next friday for his birthday! So I have a lot of plans with friends at the moment! Its not that many I guess, but its more than I usually have. Thats always good! I kind of like having stuff that I'm planning to do.

Today, when I got home my blog had 11 views! That, like blew my mind! I have never had that many views before 7pm, so when it went up to 14 an hour later my mind was exploded! Thank you to anyone and everyone who is reading this. I love you all!

Today was awsome because: I made plans!

Monday, 24 January 2011

Two Days Worth of Posts

So, today I'm going to do a double blog to make up for my pathetic blog yesterday. I'm going to fill you in on what happened yesterday and what happened today. Again, I'm sorry about yesterdays terrible blog, I decided to start writing this early incase I forget and then it becomes time for Glee! My life is so ruled be TV, its silly, but thats how it is!

So, yesterday a few cool things happened actually. The first thing was I got the first comment on a video! I feel like I have accomplished something in my life now! Its kind of a big deal to get the first comment on a video in YouTube land. The video also told me that I was the first viewer. Kind of made my day. So, yeah. I think I mentioned that I put a new video up yesterday and I'm going to link it in this blog. Just click here. Basically, my day was mostly made up of revision for my exam I had today and wearing my Internet Killed Telivision top. So, that was my day yesterday. It was pretty average really.

Today was okay. There were good bits but there was also the biology exam. I'm going to start with the bad to get it out of the way. The biology exam was okay-ish. It was quite a lot harder than I was expecting but I really hope I've done well on it as Biology is one of the subjects I want to do next year. So, now on to the good bits. Except from the exam my day was pretty good to be honest. I had some laughs with friends which is always good. One of the really good points of today was trying to explain twitter to one of my friends on the bus on the way home. Basically, he is thinking of getting twitter and he knows that I have it so he kind of asked me about it and I was attempting to explain it to him. It was kind of hard. Twitter is hard to explain to people. It was pretty fun to do it though so its all good!

Tonight Glee is on! I really love Glee and I may have already seen them all but nothing beats watching it on actual TV! I know its a good episode today as well so I kind of can't wait!

Today was awsome because: I had a quaver hand for a bit...

Sunday, 23 January 2011

I'm silly!

So this is a rushed blog 'cause Wild at Heart is about to come on! Typical sunday really, but I did upload a video to YouTube finally! I'm going to link it in my blog tomorrow because this is just a very quick blog. I'll probably do a big one tomorrow to make up for it. Also, tomorrow I have a biology exam! Wish me luck, and good luck to anyone who has an exam tomorrow!

Okay, sorry, short blog is short!

Today was awsome because: I uploaded a video for the first time since November! I'm a bad YouTuber...atleast I've blogged everyday this year!

Saturday, 22 January 2011


So today was a normal saturday really. I went to keyboard, went to town, came home and worked. I've actually done a bit more then that but this is what this paragraph is about! When I came home I was flicking through the channels on TV and the film Honey was on. I love that film! It really takes me back 'cause I used to watch that film a lot a few years ago. So I watched that and absolutley loved it, I can still remember the lyrics to the song at the end! I'm so cool. So, once that was done I had to do some revision. I still find it hard to concentrate but it has to be done! I did that until tea time then had tea with Tracy Beaker! Then I came on the laptop and have been on it ever since. I have finally run out of videos to watch on my YouTube home page so I decided to edit a video I recorded a couple of weeks ago. I'm a good procrastinater, and I don't know how to spell procrastinator. So I need to show that to my mum so she will let me put it up, lame I know. So its been quite a productive night really.

Also, today I have descovered Josh Sundquist on YouTube. I feel like such a noob when I descover someone awsome that everyone else seems to know about. So I've been watching a lot of his videos tonight and now I really want to read his book but I don't think it's available for sale here in the UK. I kind of hate living in the UK, I'm never in the right time zone for live shows and there are never any meet ups. So it sucks to be as obssessed with YouTube as I am and live in the UK. Just saying!

While I was writing this I accidently pressed that annoying key/key combination I have no idea of that makes you erase stuff you have typed when you go back at add something. So you have to go and re type everything you had just written. Does anyone know what I mean? Or is it just me? Oh well, basically that happened when I was writing this blog and its kind of annoying. Just saying!

Today was awsome because: I finally watched the hundreds of YouTube videos I have needed to watch for forever

Friday, 21 January 2011

Weekends rule

I love friday evening because they're like a day of the weekend. That was a random sentence. This is a random blog. They're all pretty random really. The randomest part is now over.

So, the interesting parts of Friday 21st January 2011 are here now. So, school was pretty boring really, there were some fun points. One was when my dirty minded friend who acts like a 10 year old still, stole my keys. I didn't notice until I went to my locker and she was stood there with my locker open. I have such good friends! So, when I got home I was on the laptop for ages and then I realised that I had to do revision. So that made me procrastinate a bit, or a lot, and I put work off until my mum was going to make tea, instead of helping her with tea, 'cause I'm lazy and stuff. Nothing much happened tonight, I tried to focus on revision and failed to epic proportions so I gave up. Then, the most exciting part of my day was ordering my TeraBrite shirt! They have just brought out a shirt on pre order and it looks great - it glows in the dark! So I have pre ordered it and it should be being shipped on 8th Febuary. So I can't wait for that to come!

Also, today I realised that my dad in old pictures looks like Ross from friends in college! It made me laugh for so long! Honestly I'm not sure if I was laughing instead of crying or I just found it hilarious But it started a conversation about the funny parts of friends, so it's all good! This whole thing happened in maths, so you can see how much we do in lessons!

Tonight I plan to catch up on my YouTube videos, which I really need to do so its all good! I have gotten so behind on my YouTube watching at the moment, I've had too much on to watch them all! There are to many YouTubers I like! Incase you don't know I'm kind of obssessed with YouTube. I spend too much time on it, I know but I'm kind of addicted and I don't want to quit, so I'm not going to! Thats just how I am I guess.

Today was awsome because:  I finally wrote an okay blog!

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Thursady is Thursday

Incase you haven't noticed I'm good at being obvious. Just saying. Nothing much happened today really, just school and stuffs. Really, not very interesting I just went through the day.

I'm sorry but this is probably going to be a crappy short blog again. My being a better blogger isn't really working out for me. Its okay on Sundays 'cause I don't do anything. For some reason those are the days that I have more to say.

So I have mentioned TeraBrite/VleraBrite before and I am kind of really very obssessed with them at the moment. I watch their vlogs at least twice and love every single one of them. I just love them. So, thats the interesting few lines of this blog done.

Today was awsome because: I got over 50% in a hard mock I did!

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Tierd Day

So today was kind of slow. I had a chemistry exam this morning and then we had double physics which was very, very slow. I was litterally falling asleep. Thats not even an exageration. School was just kind of school, nothing very interesting really happened. Now I'm very tired so this is going to be a crappy blog, sorry!

Very very short blog!

Today was awsome because: It is hows the weather wednesday! If you get it you rule!

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

I just want to be in college!

So I had my college taster day today. It was pretty good. The subjects I did were the ones I want to do next year which are: Biology, Sociology, Psychology and English Language. They were pretty good. It just made me more sure that I want to take those subjects, so its all good! I had a free last where I just sat on the computer and played on Now that is an awsome website! Seriously, you should check it out! Just saying. Nothing much really happened, other than me realising that I really really just want to get to college, I can't really be bothered with GCSEs at the moment.

Speaking of GCSEs, I have a Chemistry GCSE at 9 o' clock tomorrow morning. That should be interesting. I've revised so much, I can't do any more. So, I guess I'll just see how it goes. As soon as that is over tomorrow I have to start revising for my Biology GCSE which is on Monday. Then, a week on Monday I have my Physics exams, AND THEN I have my Spanish coursework to do 2 days after that. Yeah, I have a lot to do. Oh well, it will all be over by the 4th of Febuary.

After that I'm going to London for a few days with school and Emma! I can't wait 'till then! We leave on Febuary 14th and get back on the 16th (I think) while we're there we will be seeing 2 shows (Wicked and Lion King) going shopping, doing a workshop with some actory type people and we will be doing a lot more! It looks like its going to be loads of fun, I can't wait! Unfortunately, it will probably make me stop blogging for a few days so I'm sorry about that. But I promise a long blog when I get back! So, it should be a good trip and it means I'm not going to be alone on valentines day, I'm going to be with one of my best friends, so that rules!

Speaking of ruling, my friend Tiff had an epic top on today. It had a picture of a rock talking to a ruler, you know, as they do. But what was really great about it was the fact that the ruler was saying "You rock!" and the rock was saying "You rule!" This, I thought, was lolsome. When I saw it I pointed and went HaHaHaHa. Because I'm so awsome and stuff.

Since I've linked every other person I know in real life in this blog. Lets link Dan. This guy is Tiff's boyfriend and he is also one of the nicest, weirdest people I know. Just saying.

I just saw this video and its epic! As the title says it is garenteed to brighted your day! Click here to go to it 'cause I've just discovered the linking thing!

Today was awsome because: I decided on what I finally want to do at A/AS level.

Monday, 17 January 2011

La De Da De Da

The title of this blog shows that I have no idea what the title of this blog should be. At the moment I am in my PJs waiting for Glee to come on, 'cause I'm cool like that. Today was pretty good, all my friends were in so that was good! Nothing much happened really, we just kind of had school. We talked and stuf and it was good and stuff.

Tomorrow is our college taster day and really I'm looking foward to it! Basically, we get to be in college for a day. We got non uniform and everything! I'm doing Biology, Eng Lang, Sociology and Psychology. So yeah, should be good!

This is a crappy short blog but Glee is nearly on so I has to dash. Sorry!

Today was awsome because: I got to see one of my friends who I hadn't seen in 4 days!

Sunday, 16 January 2011

I love being happy!

Okay, so this being happy stuff rules! I've been happy for 3 days and I've not been down atall really! I love it! The past few blogs have been rubish 'cause I was blogging from my iPod touch, I have been forgeting to blog when I'm on the laptop or not I have not had time to go on the laptop at night. So sorry I've been a crappy blogger, I promise I'm going to get better! I have decided I'm going to get better! So you can slap me if I don't. I probably shouldn't have said this because I bet someone I know irl will take me up on it. I know you will.

Anyway, Ive had a kind of boring day today, as Sundays always are. As normal, I started off with going to church and helping with the little ones. That was good, there is this one girl who we look after who is adorable and i love her to bits! She is the sweetest 3 year old in the world! She is very quiet but very smart and she's in the "why?" stage at the moment which is, uhm, fun. Today she asked "Why is the 2 happy?" it was quite funny really, none of us knew what to say. So she is so cute and thats all I have to say about her at the moment. Then, once we got home we had lunch and then I started my work. I just had to revise today so I printed off 3 past exam papers (one for every day I have until the exam) and did one of them. So I went through it, marked it and got 26 out of 42. I didn't think that was very good but then I looked at the grade boundries and it turned out I got an A! It must have been a really hard paper! So after that I relaxed for a bit I  had a bit of an argument with my mum over the subjects I have picked for the college taster day on tuesday. I can't wait 'till that day! After that I decided to do a mind map for each section I need for my chemistry exam. Its really wierd but I have put them up in my bathroom so I can be going over the stuff in the mornings and the evenings. So thats what I've done and now I'm just relaxing on the computer until Wild at Heart is on. So that is my day.

Another thing, which I have now forgoten. Oh well, well my last 2 blogs have lacked a today is awsome because. So I'm going to just do one for today and not try to remember that far back.
Today is awsome because: I got revision done AND I did I good(ish) blog!

Saturday, 15 January 2011

Busy Busy Busy but Good!

Well today I had a very busy day. To start it off I had my keyboard lesson at 12 o clock as usual, then I went to my optitions appointment at 2 then it was back to presto to do a grade 5 music theory mock. Exciting I know. Well it turns out I used to have a stigma in my eye but thats all gone now, the mock wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, either. Then tonight I've been to a play that a family friend is in at a local college. The play was Bad Girls and it was amazing! I loved it! It was just amazing, I can't believe it was a college production it was so good! It was funny and musical and just amazing! Okay I've overused the word amazing enough now!

So that's my day. I'm writing this on my iPod because I haven't been on the computer since this morning. Now that is an achievement! This is another short blog. Sorry! I'll probably do a better blog tomorrow.

Friday, 14 January 2011

Just a day

Just had a normal day really. My friend was off again, along with another one of my friends, I think they have the same thing, which sucks. So I was on my lonesome in maths and english but it was all good 'cause there were other people to talk to. Then I came home and relaxed then revised then relaxed then revised and now I'm relaxing again. I really should be doing some music revision for the mock tomorrow but I'm too lazy. Oh well, I'll have to live through it.

Tomorrow I have a very busy day, its going to be non stop! Not really looking forward to it as they're not very fun things really. I don't have much to say today. Boring blog is boring. Sorry!

Thursday, 13 January 2011

Average day BUT I'm going to say it was good!

As you can tell from the title it was a pretty average day today. One of my friends who is NEVER off was off which was very very weird. I think she has flu or swine flu which are kind of the same thing. Anyway I hope she gets better soon! I stayed behind for revision again today but for biology. It was okay. The past 2 days I've had 7 hour days at school but today I only had 6 hours and tommorrow I get 5 hours! Thank god! I need to revise tommorrow but it will be nice to get home early.

Today we also got our GCSE English language results back and I got an A! I'm so happy with it! I thought I was going to have to resit but I've been lucky! I have no idea how I got it but I did. In my year there are 300 people and only 4 people in the whole year got A* and only 17 got A. So I must have done really well! I'm so pleased! Also today I had my music grade5 theory lesson. I don't really like them but I've started them so I feel like I should finish it. We're doing a mock of the exam on Saturday I'm not really looking forward to it. I need to revise for that as well! There's so much work!

I'm writing this on my iPod tonight because I forgot to do it when I was on the laptop so sorry if there's any dodgy mistakes my iPod autocorrects to weird things sometimes!

Today was awesome because: I got an A in my english GCSE!

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Roller coaster of emotions

Wierd day today. Yesterday night I decided I was going to become a positive person and completely change my attitude to everything. So today I was happy for most of the day, when I got down I made myself happier and it was good. Then we went to chemistry. That just destroyed my mood. We were going through our mock exam and people were talking through it. Me and my friends were explaning the questions to one of our other friends who struggels with science and sir was getting fed up of people talking. So he decided to only go through the paper with the few people in the class who weren't talking. I get that and I know why he was and I know I was talking and I don't blame him for doing what he did. The problem was everyone else in my class couldn't accept that it was their fault. They all decided that sir was not trying to help us when he obviously was. So me and my friends decided to just get on with our revision but no one else thought they could. I hate most of the people in my classes. But it just got me so worked up and made me really mad and stressed out. At the moment I am exhausted with all of the revision I have to do and by the time we were at registration I kind of ended up crying. I hate that it happened but it did. So being positive kind of failed for today.

To pile on the stress we had an assembley this morning basically saying to us "Are you stressed? No? Okay have some more stress! But don't be stressed!" which obviouly sucked. That did not help with how I am feeling at the moment.

Just to ruin it even more I got into an argument with my mum as soon as we got home. That ended with me crying to. Why am I so lame? When I get too stressed or something I just end up in tears. All I can say right now is that I can not wait until the 3rd of Febuary. After that I have no exams until March at the earliest! I can not wait at all!

I forgot to do a my day is awsome because: yesterday. So I'm going to do 2 today!
Yesterday was awsome because: I decided to become more positive
Today was awsome because: I had more fun than I usually have in school

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Long day

Not had a very eventful day today, it was just very long! It was a long day at school, so we had 6 hours of that and I had to stay behind for chemistry revision for an hour. It helped but it sucked. I have to do it again tomorrow. How fun. I hate being in year 11. Its fun, but there is so much work! As soon as you finish one lot of exams another lot starts. My first exam is in a week tomorrow. Its chemistry which is the one subject we haven't finished. So I'm teaching myself from the revision guide. So I'm doing a lot of revision at the moment. Plus I'm doing a music theory mock in march and our teacher decided we need to do a mock for it on Saturday. That is another thing I have to revise for. So its kind of a stressful time at the moment. I guess its going to be worse in the summer but oh well! I can not wait until the 1st of July when all our exams are done and I have 2 months of holiday to look forward to!

A few days ago I had a rant about Kenneth Tong. Now I'm going to have another rant about him. Today he has said that he made the whole managed anorexia shabang was made up. Aparently he was trying to prove that some one can become popular from saying something online. What? WHAT!? REALLY!?! Now I'm finding it hard to get off caps lock. But this guy, wow, he could not be more stupid. Number one, he did not prove what he thinks he proved, he was on BB10 in 2009 so there were some people who knew of him before hand. If someone like me, who is unknown, did that and succeeded THEN it may show that it can be done but it does not work with him. Secondly, does this asshole know how much damage he has probably caused to people? Whether it was an "experiment" or not there still will have been teenagers who saw his tweets and took on his point of view. Doing something like that with a subject as serious as anorexia is so stupid! I know some people on twitter actually agreed with him and I saw an "I love Kenneth Tong" twitter on the first day I found out about this crap. So he may have made some young girls anorexic, he could have killed some people. He has said that he is going to donate to a charity and is going to sell an iPod touch to raise money but that is not going to change what he has done. The whole thing is the biggest load of shit I have ever heard. I'm sorry but it is absolutely stupid. He still needs to get off twitter. What he has done is just stupid.  Arg, he just makes me so mad! He. Needs. To. Get. Off. Twitter.

Yeah, I get annoyed easily!

Monday, 10 January 2011

Picture day!

So today we had our year 11 photos. We had a whole year photo and the individual pictures which was kind of wierd. Basically the 300 people in our year went into the sports hall, arranged our selves into height order, got told to stand on a wierd steppy thing and had our picture taken. Then we all went down and got individual ones done. It was wierd. But we got to miss a bit of school so it was okay! The photographer who did my picture was wierd. She was doing that arty tilting the camera thing and she told me to say hi. So, I sat down and she goes "move your hair out of the way" so I moved it a tiny bit, hardly any, then she goes to me "say tah" so I pretended I didn't hear her. I had already been warned that she might tell me to say something, one of my friends was before me and she said that the woman told her to say yeah and my friend said no, so I was expecting it. So I just smiled and stayed how I was. So after the first picture was taken the camera woman goes to me "so your not going to smile with your teeth?" and I shook my head. Then she brings the camera dead close to me and took another picture. Then it was done. Yeah, she was wierd.

I realise I come off moody in this blog but I really don't like my smile when I show my teeth and sometimes the only way to get a decent picture of me is for me not to show my teeth. Also, before the picture was taken the girls toilets in the lesiure centre (right next to where the photo was being taken) looked like a boots advert. There were so many girls in there with so much make up being put on it was funny! Boys have it easy, they don't have to bother with that kind of thing.

Today was awsome because: I got the last picture I will ever get taken in school done.

Sunday, 9 January 2011

Sunday is my boring day

I don't do much on Sunday, so I don't have much to say. But I have more time so I'm probably going to blog more. So, today I went to church in the morning, I'm not extremely christian but I do believe in God and me and my mum help out with the little kids group. I quite like it and love the children we help, so its worth the early get up. When we got home we had lunch and I've just been revising for the rest of the day. Revision is so dull but I know it needs to be done but that doesn't mean I like it.

So, today I want to talk about Kenneth Tong. He is a dick. Fact. If you don't know what he's done, he has started a campign thing on twitter basically saying that everyone should be size zero. It is rediculous. He has a size zero pill and is promoting "managed anorexia" which is the STUPIDEST idea I have ever heard. Aparently, if you are not size zero you are perfect and anything else is disgusting. Sorry, but WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK!? That is the biggest bullshit I have ever heard. I found out about this last night and it just made me so mad! These are some of his tweets: "Just left Church. God said, "Kenneth Tong, keep up the good work, to be slimmer is to be closer to god, closer to perfect." Glad he's a fan." "   Don't listen to your family. They're lying to you. You are not beautiful. You eat too much. Stop. You need to be skinny. You deserve it." and "Inner beauty is a myth. You are just fat. You are unloved. People look at you & are pleasant cause they feel sorry for you. Size Zero... " Okay, everything he has said is so sad and so untrue it is He has actually made me become less determind to become thinner. Before last night I was determind to get a flat tummy but now, I don't feel like I need one. If it is going to leave me like that then I don't want it. I am going to try and be more healthy but I am not going to take any of this guy's suggestions. Size zero is not a size!!

Okay, rant over!

Later on today I plan to revise more and edit a new YouTube video. So I'm going to have an equally excting day. Oh, I just rememberd Wild at heart comes back tonight! The season of good TV is returning to us! Glee returns tomorrow, which I am really excited about! I LOVE Glee! It just makes me happy!

Today was awsome because: I was being productive and had to think "big elephants always understand small elephants" to spell the word because!

I have nothing else to say really. It was a long blog today so bye!

Saturday, 8 January 2011

Happy Saturday!

Not had a very interesting day really. Saturdays are kind of boring for me, they're better than school but I don't see my friends that much outside of school, which I hate. Oh well. Today I went to my keyboard lesson, went into town and revised. Yes, I have a sad life, I know. I have science exams very soon AND I'm doing a grade 5 theory class that I have a mock for next week. So I  have to do ALOT of revision. Revision helps, but it is so so boring! It needs to be done though.

Today I made a homepage thing for myself, just to see what happens. The link is :)

Yesterday, one of my friends sent me a message about my blog on the 6th. It literally made me cry. In a good way, but still. He is so kind and is always there for me. I feel like he is a better friend than most of my friends, so if you are reading this, thank you!

Why today is awsome: today is awsome because it is the day I am starting the why today is awsome on my blog :) (yes, I am copying five awsome girls :))

Friday, 7 January 2011


It's finally friday!! Thank gawd! Going back to school is hard. Today we had mock results day, for some reason our school feel that we need the extremely stressful experience of exam day twice. I don't know why, they just do. Before the holidays we had 2 weeks of exams, which sucked. But to add to the suck of school we had an official type day of getting results "so we can experience what the real day will be like" or something like that. Anyway, I got quite good results, a couple of Cs, a few Bs, some As and one A*. I'm pleased. Especially because I was convinced I was going to completely fail them all! So I'm pretty pleased with that!

When I got home I pigged out on chocolate which is not good for my ambition to get a flat tummy. Oh well, I figured I deserved it. After I pigged out I filmed a new YouTube video. It took 3 trys but I've got an okay one. The first time the phone rang, the second time there was silly noise in the background so I re-did it, but the third video has silly noise in so I'm just going to have silly noise in the background of my video. It sucks but I guess it'll be fine.

I don't have anything else to say today...

Thursday, 6 January 2011

Warning : Depressing blog ahead.

Okay, so today was kind of wierd. 4 years ago today my dad died and obviously that got me down. I was determind not to get upset in school today and ended up having quite a good time, but now I kind of feel bad for having a good time today. Basically in school I'd be having fun with my friends but at the same time I would feel guilty for having fun on this day. I was kind of mood swingy, when I told one of my friends and she hugged me I almost cried. I miss my dad so much and it seems to be worse this year. I'm not sure why it just does. I'm not sure what else to say about it really, it just gets me down and I hate it. But I feel guilty for a lot of things involving my dad.

So yeah, I feel pretty crappy today. I really really want to be happy but it seems it is impossible at the moment. Happyness is a choice but how come it doesn't seem to work for me?

Sorry for this.

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

I suck at doing things

So it turns out I had quite a lot of homework over the christmas holidays. Too bad I didn't know that in the holidays. So tonight I have to read the 71 page script of The Elephant Man. Which is what I should be doing now. I may be trying to put it off by blogging instead. Oopsy. I really need to get on. But I want to blog more, oh the hardships of life!

Had an okay day today. Lunch was quite fun, even though I got a coke bottle chucked over me. It wasn't aimed at me but it got me wet... We still had a laugh though!

So when I was writting this my mum walked in and I had to abondon it to read. I am on page 42 at the moment, wish me luck!

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Getting up early

School sucks. I already need another holiday. Getting up when its dark and coming home from school when it is going dark is the least fun thing imaginable. I got up at 5:55 this morning because I had to do my hair which is always fun. So when I was ready it was still quite dark and we were kind of on the bus in the dark. Winter light sucks. It was also going dark when we got on the bus at the end of the day today. Yay. Oh wow, I'm complaning so much. I guess it was nice to see my friends again, since I hadn't seen them all holidays because I suck. Yeah that was okay but I would still rather not have been in.

Because I was at school nothing much happened today really. Sorry for the negativity today but you know, sometimes life is just like that.

Monday, 3 January 2011

Last Day of Freedom

We go back to school tomorrow! I really can't be bothered. Plus we have a mock results day on friday 'cause our school sucks. So yeah, I'm going to be getting some mock results soon. Fun.

So I've spent my last day of freedom doing work mostly. I did over an hour of revision and looked over my coursework. That is how good my life is. I'm so sarcastic. Oh well!

I also sorted out some of my photos today. I have 2 boards of pictures of my friends up in my room, plus some others blu taced around my room. I need to change them every now and then so my mum bought me a book to put them in and I finally did that today, on the last day of the holidays! I got some pens to write in the album with as the pages are black. It has turned out pretty good. I likes it.

Sunday, 2 January 2011

Cute Kiddies xD

Today I went over to my cousin's house. Him and his wife have 2 kids - one 2 year old and one 8 month(ish) year old. They are the cutest, happiest children evurr! They are so cute and I love them to bits! Thats about it, I think. It seems the only thing I can talk about a lot is YouTube.

This morning I had no spots. Now I have atleast 2 huge red spots in the most obvious places possible. It's great being a teenager. Sarcasm.

Also today I did my first ever FaceTime on my iPod touch! I am slightly in love with my iPod, I think I have a problem. It's kind of rediculous how much I am on it but I don't care! It's just like a mini computer. Yeah, I just straight up love it, I don't think I could live without it now! iPod iPod iPod iPod iPod iPod iPod iPod iPod iPod iPod iPod iPod iPod iPod iPod iPod iPod iPod iPod iPod iPod iPod iPod iPod iPod iPod iPod iPod iPod iPod iPod iPod iPod iPod iPod iPod iPod iPod !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just sayin'

Saturday, 1 January 2011

The (kind of) Real One One One One :)

Well my last blog was a fail. Apparently blogger doesn't care what time zone you are in, it just runs on US time. I promise when I wrote that blog it was 1 am on new years day but it seems that doesn't matter to this website. Anyway, I'm doing another one now!

So today I haven't done that much. I'm feeding next door's cat while they're away so I did that this morning. Then we went to visit my dad's grave because we haven't been able to around christmas because of the weather. That was okay. I've spent the rest of the day on the computer really.

I mentioned last time that I'm obsessed with YouTube and when I spend time on the computer I am mostly on YouTube! I will now proceed to go on and on about my favourite YouTubers now. My absolute all time favourite YouTubers are Charles Trippy and Alli Speed (CTFxC) they do daily vlogs and I am kind of obsessed with them. I Also love Kimmi Smiles and Nerdz4L, they both make me smile whenever I watch one of their videos. Kimmi Smiles is an Australian girl who is always happy. Literally, ALWAYS happy. So she makes me happy. Nerdz4l is also a daily vlogger (but on her other channel NerdzRL) and she just makes me smile. All the time. One thing I cannot resist, ever, is a cute couple. CTFxC are a couple and so are my 2 new favourite people on YouTube. The band ALL CAPS and the band TeraBrite. I only recently got into both of these and they are both couples, I think. I'm not to sure about ALL CAPS being a couple still but oh well! ALL CAPS is a band who does kind of electronic music that is amazing. I just love their music and may be a bit (a lot) obsessed with them. TeraBrite is a band who started doing daily vlogs today, they have done music videos and stuff before and everyone was wondering whether they were a couple or not and today they revealed that they are! I loved their first vlog and imedietly want more so I know I'm  going to love them! As you can tell I love daily vloggers!

Wow, long blog is long!

One one one one :)

Starting my new years resolution early! I've just got in from a party. - it was okay, not very exciting but oh well! Anyway a funny thing happened at the party. At midnight I had a glass of wine and this old woman turned to me and asked "what are you drinking?" when I said wine she said "good girl!"

She's so funny!

Fact about me: I am obsessed with YouTube! just sayin'