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Saturday, 18 August 2012


"Is it possible that home can be a person, rather than a place?"
When I first saw this question my immediate answer was "yes". For me, home isn't a place: it's a very specific person, at one point it was a very specific group of people and at one point it was a place, it still is to an extent. This question made me really think about the reality of home and what the word really means. I think that everyone is in search of a home, maybe finding a home is really all anyone's true goal is. I also think that everyone has a different perception of what home is, it's a universal thing with millions of definitions.

I think that home is probably more of a feeling than a place, the feeling you get when something just feels completely and utterly right. Home is a unique state, something that is different to different people and something that changes throughout a person's lifetime. That's kind of beautiful really: how we can constantly find new homes find new places to belong throughout your life.
Right now my home is literally where my heart is, it's with the person I love the most. However, I also call the house and town that I grew up in my home, probably because I have never lived anywhere else. There is also an element of home in me when I'm doing the work that I love with the children who never fail to impact my life in such a huge way. I have one true home home but many other places that I feel at home.

I figure that all the different homes you accumulate over a life time make you exactly who you are in the end. Homes become embedded into you they shape you into the person you are more than anything else.

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