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Monday, 10 September 2012

Looking at it a different way

Today was my first day back at school and I was absolutely dreading it. For the first time in my life I just wasn't looking forward to any part of going back to school: I'd had a great summer and didn't want it to end. Last night when I'd finally dragged myself to do the reading set for summer homework I was still dreading going back today. However, part way through I was struck with this sense of motivation, I couldn't place what I was motivated for, I just felt motivated to do something. When I finished the reading I actually felt good and it was only then that I realized that I actually loved learning about new things. I just felt motivated to learn and realized that I had missed learning without knowing it at all.

I'd felt this feeling before but I've never really been able to identify it until yesterday, it's usually a fleeting feeling that doesn't last to what I really want to do. I found it did last today though and I found that I did enjoy the lessons in school, I liked learning new information. I think I've probably felt this before, I've just not consciously thought about it and the fact that this feeling is conscious this year makes it better. It almost allows me to appreciate the reason behind the feeling and I love that. I was looking at the day in a completely different way and it helped, it really did

This feeling made the first day of school better than it could have been. I had a new way of looking at the reason I was there and it didn't make it too bad. Looking at things you don't want to do in a new way  can make them better, you might even enjoy it. I'm going to do my best to do this in the future when I'm facing anything I'm really reluctant or unhappy about doing. Your state of mind may not be all it takes to make things better but I truly believe that looking at things in a new way can at least help a lot.

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