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Friday, 24 May 2013

My friends

I have a special group of friends that have come together over the years. My six best friends are like my family in so many ways. We've come together in a weird way, really, with the group growing and shrinking as we adopt and accept people who need it. We've kind of always been the group of misfits throughout high school. I'm the first person to want to make friends with someone who seems lonely or out of place with the people they're spending time with. From year seven to year 12, if you want to sit with our group and become a part of it, we're willing to let you. Maybe, if I hadn't have met these people in high school I wouldn't be friends with a lot of them.

But I did meet them in high school and they are the best of friends to me. Most of us have done our growing up from children to young adults together and that gives us a tie that can't easily be broken. We understand each other in a way that not many can. When it feels like most people our age are acting a lot more grown up than I feel, I know I can go to them and be immature, make noises and pull faces at each other like it's what anyone and everyone does. We can be mature, we just choose not to be when we spend time together because we can be ourselves and relax together. At the same time, we can stay up all night talking about the meaning of life, how people are stupid in this world or random crushes we may have. That isn't something you can just do with anyone, it's a special bond that allows that and I'm so glad to have it right now.

Yesterday I left a little bit of what has bonded us together for so many years: our high school/sixth form. We left behind the comfortable rhythm of going in each day knowing that we would see one another and be able to talk about whatever we felt like. We left the place that brought us together and gave us a way to catch up. We're all very similar in that we don't really like doing much outside of the internet and so we don't see each other outside of school, partly because we don't need to. We get our time together in school.

Now that I know we can't get that it's very weird. I've always known that I could come back to that comfort of seeing my friends in September and knowing more or less what to expect. Now that's gone and we need to form a friendship in a different context. This summer needs to be one of friendship and coming together as often as we can to catch up and create our group outside of school. As we move away to Uni it will become a friendship based online but, when we can, our friendship needs to be in real life. This summer we have the opportunity to make that real life friendship exist in the real world outside of school.

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