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Thursday, 23 December 2010

23rd December 2010

I have 3 science exams in January so I am forcing myself to revise for atleast an hour every day. Yesterday I didn't do any revision so today I have to do 2 hours. I've been very organised (for once) and have a revision timtable up until our exams. So today I am revising physics (deathly boring and just finished) and chemistry (not so bad but still not fun) I am taking a brake now between the 2 hours and decided to do a bit of blogging.

I've done! I had to clean afterwards but still, I don't have to do anything else untill the 27th December! Yay! I can't believe its already christmas, but it is, so it is. Yeah, I'm good at stating the I just proved!

Random fact about me today : I'm not wearing any eye make-up. For once! My christmas tree may be setting off my hayfever so I didn't feel like sticking a pencil in my eye. How random.

Merry christmas eve's eve!

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