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Thursday, 13 January 2011

Average day BUT I'm going to say it was good!

As you can tell from the title it was a pretty average day today. One of my friends who is NEVER off was off which was very very weird. I think she has flu or swine flu which are kind of the same thing. Anyway I hope she gets better soon! I stayed behind for revision again today but for biology. It was okay. The past 2 days I've had 7 hour days at school but today I only had 6 hours and tommorrow I get 5 hours! Thank god! I need to revise tommorrow but it will be nice to get home early.

Today we also got our GCSE English language results back and I got an A! I'm so happy with it! I thought I was going to have to resit but I've been lucky! I have no idea how I got it but I did. In my year there are 300 people and only 4 people in the whole year got A* and only 17 got A. So I must have done really well! I'm so pleased! Also today I had my music grade5 theory lesson. I don't really like them but I've started them so I feel like I should finish it. We're doing a mock of the exam on Saturday I'm not really looking forward to it. I need to revise for that as well! There's so much work!

I'm writing this on my iPod tonight because I forgot to do it when I was on the laptop so sorry if there's any dodgy mistakes my iPod autocorrects to weird things sometimes!

Today was awesome because: I got an A in my english GCSE!

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