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Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Roller coaster of emotions

Wierd day today. Yesterday night I decided I was going to become a positive person and completely change my attitude to everything. So today I was happy for most of the day, when I got down I made myself happier and it was good. Then we went to chemistry. That just destroyed my mood. We were going through our mock exam and people were talking through it. Me and my friends were explaning the questions to one of our other friends who struggels with science and sir was getting fed up of people talking. So he decided to only go through the paper with the few people in the class who weren't talking. I get that and I know why he was and I know I was talking and I don't blame him for doing what he did. The problem was everyone else in my class couldn't accept that it was their fault. They all decided that sir was not trying to help us when he obviously was. So me and my friends decided to just get on with our revision but no one else thought they could. I hate most of the people in my classes. But it just got me so worked up and made me really mad and stressed out. At the moment I am exhausted with all of the revision I have to do and by the time we were at registration I kind of ended up crying. I hate that it happened but it did. So being positive kind of failed for today.

To pile on the stress we had an assembley this morning basically saying to us "Are you stressed? No? Okay have some more stress! But don't be stressed!" which obviouly sucked. That did not help with how I am feeling at the moment.

Just to ruin it even more I got into an argument with my mum as soon as we got home. That ended with me crying to. Why am I so lame? When I get too stressed or something I just end up in tears. All I can say right now is that I can not wait until the 3rd of Febuary. After that I have no exams until March at the earliest! I can not wait at all!

I forgot to do a my day is awsome because: yesterday. So I'm going to do 2 today!
Yesterday was awsome because: I decided to become more positive
Today was awsome because: I had more fun than I usually have in school

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