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Thursday, 27 January 2011

Good days are good!

So I actually had a good day today! It wasn't just a normal day, it was a good day! So it was just kind of a normal day with laughs but then, in the second drama lesson of the day it got good. We all thought we were in the arts theatre but we weren't so we just kind of waited there 'cause we didn't really want to get on with drama. We were all sat round in a circle talking and stuff and wondering where miss was. We were debating hiding from miss when she came and we really wanted to go up and sit on the seating bit thats upstairs in the arts theatre but we chickened out. I wish we had though, it would have been great!

So drama was good, and its choices tomorrow and friends are over on saturday so hopefully I have a good weekend this weekend! I may not blog that much but I promise to do a big blog at the end!

Today was awsome because: It wasn't normal!

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