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Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Just a day...

So today was good, until the last lesson of the day - chemistry. We had laughs and things, despite double english. But then, in chemistry we were doing experiments in groups sir put us in. I was with 2 of my friends and a popular person but one of my friends gets on with the popular one so it wasn't too bad at first. At the start we split into 2 groups and did what we needed to do. But after that the popular girl decided she just wanted to talk to everyone else and the other one of my friends just sat there. Me and my other friend just kind of got on with it and did what we needed to. Next thing I know I get a text woth the friend who was just sat there's facebook status which said something like "Hate people who are stuck up and walk around thinking they're better than me" which was obviously directed at us. So that annoyed us. Then we all got peed off and the day ended pretty badly. So, after waiting for ages for the bus to come for us after school I got home and watched TV 'til my mum's financial adviser came to help her with her money and stuff. I thought he would be here for about an hour or so but he stayed for over an hour! He arrived at 4:40 and he didn't leave untill about 7! So we had to get tea and everything much later than normal which was kind of suckish 'cause it kind of threw my whole night off. While the guy was here I was attempting to do some spanish work but that failed, as my concentration would not happen. So, for 2 hours work, I didn't get much done. Which sucked. So the last part of today was pretty lame to be honest.

I have just written a massive paragraph so I think I'm going to go now. I bet I've already bored you so its time for me to go!

Today was awsome because: I spent double English singing with some of my best friends!  AND   I got the first comments on 2 videos!!

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