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Saturday, 29 January 2011

Great day! :D

So today has been really good! It started off as a normal Saturday with keyboard and shopping and stuff but then my friends came over! That was just ace, but before I start on that I'm going to go into more detail about yesterday!

I can't really remember what I said about yesterday yesterday, so I'm going to start again! Basically, last night it was choices - a youth club that I go to once a month. This time I invited 2 more of my friends to come. So I had more close friends there which was really good. The night was just a great night and it was really fun and stuff. So that was great! The only bad thing was that I kind of felt on the edge of the fun all the time. When I wasn't sat with people they seemed to be having loads of fun but when I went over to sit with them they didn't seem to be having fun. So that was wierd, it was fun but not as good as I hoped. Oh well, atleast I saw my friends outside school! It was weird though, by the end of the day it felt like I'd had 2 days in one.

So, this morning I really thought it was Sunday, which is kind of good 'cause it means I get an extra day! Anyway, once I came back from keyboard/shopping I had lunch and worked until about 5 when all my friends came over. I asked them all to come round to try and sort out prom and cars to get there and stuff. We got quite a lot done really, we kind of have a short list of limos that we could possibly go in. Its difficult because of the cost and stuff. It was so fun! We must have spent half the time just laughing. Then laughing some more. Then some more. It was just so fun! At one point my tummy was actually hurting because I was laughing that much. So it was a pretty amazing day! It became a bit stressful in the end but overall it was great! I think I am overusing exclimation points at the moment, but that just shows how amazing my night was! I hate the fact that I don't see my friends enough outside of school but hopefully we will see each other more in the summer.

Tomorrow is going to be a day of work. I have my physics exam on monday so I have revision to do for that and I have to learn my spanish coursework for wednesday. So that should be fun...not. Its going to be weird not seeing my friends tomorrow but I'll see them again on monday! So its all god!

Today was awesome because: I laughed so much my tummy hurt AND I blogged properly

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