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Sunday, 30 January 2011

Sunday Sunday

Today was just kind of a day. I went to church, went to asda and meant to do some spanish and physics work. This morning my mum told me that it is probably best if we book the limo for prom today so I texted round the 6 friends I thought were going to come in the limo with me for prom. But one of them, who wasn't there last night, texted back saying that she was going with another group of friends. So that messed it all up because we thought having 6 people in an 8 seater car would be okay but 5 people is kind of meh. So I got stressed about that and everything. Who knew that getting to prom would be so stressful! Now I just have to get my dress, which I can't wait to do! Prom is 5 months away! Then I have 2 months off school then college, I can not wait! So the end of school is in sight - scary but good. So after I told my mum about that she said that she thought for a bit then said that she would make up what was left of the money. Yes, my mum is the best mum ever! I love her I do.

So, once we got home and had lunch my mum rang up the limo company to book it and unfortunately they said there were no 8 seater cars left but the guy was going to ring one of his friends to see if he has a car. But, after a few minutes he rang back saying that he found one 8 seater limo that was free. So we booked it! This paragraph was going to move on from prom. This is when I am going to move on. So, after that great thing happened I started to attempt to work but I just could not concentrate. My physics exam is tomorrow so I kind of needed to revise and stuff but it didn't go very well. Oh well, I managed to do a few past papers! I hate physics.

Now I am trying to finish this in time for Wild at Heart. I hate/love how dominated by TV my life is. I guess Internet didn't really kill Television for me. Oh well!

Today was awesome because: It was the last day I will have to revise physics until the summer!

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