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Tuesday, 18 January 2011

I just want to be in college!

So I had my college taster day today. It was pretty good. The subjects I did were the ones I want to do next year which are: Biology, Sociology, Psychology and English Language. They were pretty good. It just made me more sure that I want to take those subjects, so its all good! I had a free last where I just sat on the computer and played on Now that is an awsome website! Seriously, you should check it out! Just saying. Nothing much really happened, other than me realising that I really really just want to get to college, I can't really be bothered with GCSEs at the moment.

Speaking of GCSEs, I have a Chemistry GCSE at 9 o' clock tomorrow morning. That should be interesting. I've revised so much, I can't do any more. So, I guess I'll just see how it goes. As soon as that is over tomorrow I have to start revising for my Biology GCSE which is on Monday. Then, a week on Monday I have my Physics exams, AND THEN I have my Spanish coursework to do 2 days after that. Yeah, I have a lot to do. Oh well, it will all be over by the 4th of Febuary.

After that I'm going to London for a few days with school and Emma! I can't wait 'till then! We leave on Febuary 14th and get back on the 16th (I think) while we're there we will be seeing 2 shows (Wicked and Lion King) going shopping, doing a workshop with some actory type people and we will be doing a lot more! It looks like its going to be loads of fun, I can't wait! Unfortunately, it will probably make me stop blogging for a few days so I'm sorry about that. But I promise a long blog when I get back! So, it should be a good trip and it means I'm not going to be alone on valentines day, I'm going to be with one of my best friends, so that rules!

Speaking of ruling, my friend Tiff had an epic top on today. It had a picture of a rock talking to a ruler, you know, as they do. But what was really great about it was the fact that the ruler was saying "You rock!" and the rock was saying "You rule!" This, I thought, was lolsome. When I saw it I pointed and went HaHaHaHa. Because I'm so awsome and stuff.

Since I've linked every other person I know in real life in this blog. Lets link Dan. This guy is Tiff's boyfriend and he is also one of the nicest, weirdest people I know. Just saying.

I just saw this video and its epic! As the title says it is garenteed to brighted your day! Click here to go to it 'cause I've just discovered the linking thing!

Today was awsome because: I decided on what I finally want to do at A/AS level.

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