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Saturday, 1 January 2011

The (kind of) Real One One One One :)

Well my last blog was a fail. Apparently blogger doesn't care what time zone you are in, it just runs on US time. I promise when I wrote that blog it was 1 am on new years day but it seems that doesn't matter to this website. Anyway, I'm doing another one now!

So today I haven't done that much. I'm feeding next door's cat while they're away so I did that this morning. Then we went to visit my dad's grave because we haven't been able to around christmas because of the weather. That was okay. I've spent the rest of the day on the computer really.

I mentioned last time that I'm obsessed with YouTube and when I spend time on the computer I am mostly on YouTube! I will now proceed to go on and on about my favourite YouTubers now. My absolute all time favourite YouTubers are Charles Trippy and Alli Speed (CTFxC) they do daily vlogs and I am kind of obsessed with them. I Also love Kimmi Smiles and Nerdz4L, they both make me smile whenever I watch one of their videos. Kimmi Smiles is an Australian girl who is always happy. Literally, ALWAYS happy. So she makes me happy. Nerdz4l is also a daily vlogger (but on her other channel NerdzRL) and she just makes me smile. All the time. One thing I cannot resist, ever, is a cute couple. CTFxC are a couple and so are my 2 new favourite people on YouTube. The band ALL CAPS and the band TeraBrite. I only recently got into both of these and they are both couples, I think. I'm not to sure about ALL CAPS being a couple still but oh well! ALL CAPS is a band who does kind of electronic music that is amazing. I just love their music and may be a bit (a lot) obsessed with them. TeraBrite is a band who started doing daily vlogs today, they have done music videos and stuff before and everyone was wondering whether they were a couple or not and today they revealed that they are! I loved their first vlog and imedietly want more so I know I'm  going to love them! As you can tell I love daily vloggers!

Wow, long blog is long!

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