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Saturday, 22 January 2011


So today was a normal saturday really. I went to keyboard, went to town, came home and worked. I've actually done a bit more then that but this is what this paragraph is about! When I came home I was flicking through the channels on TV and the film Honey was on. I love that film! It really takes me back 'cause I used to watch that film a lot a few years ago. So I watched that and absolutley loved it, I can still remember the lyrics to the song at the end! I'm so cool. So, once that was done I had to do some revision. I still find it hard to concentrate but it has to be done! I did that until tea time then had tea with Tracy Beaker! Then I came on the laptop and have been on it ever since. I have finally run out of videos to watch on my YouTube home page so I decided to edit a video I recorded a couple of weeks ago. I'm a good procrastinater, and I don't know how to spell procrastinator. So I need to show that to my mum so she will let me put it up, lame I know. So its been quite a productive night really.

Also, today I have descovered Josh Sundquist on YouTube. I feel like such a noob when I descover someone awsome that everyone else seems to know about. So I've been watching a lot of his videos tonight and now I really want to read his book but I don't think it's available for sale here in the UK. I kind of hate living in the UK, I'm never in the right time zone for live shows and there are never any meet ups. So it sucks to be as obssessed with YouTube as I am and live in the UK. Just saying!

While I was writing this I accidently pressed that annoying key/key combination I have no idea of that makes you erase stuff you have typed when you go back at add something. So you have to go and re type everything you had just written. Does anyone know what I mean? Or is it just me? Oh well, basically that happened when I was writing this blog and its kind of annoying. Just saying!

Today was awsome because: I finally watched the hundreds of YouTube videos I have needed to watch for forever

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