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Friday, 21 January 2011

Weekends rule

I love friday evening because they're like a day of the weekend. That was a random sentence. This is a random blog. They're all pretty random really. The randomest part is now over.

So, the interesting parts of Friday 21st January 2011 are here now. So, school was pretty boring really, there were some fun points. One was when my dirty minded friend who acts like a 10 year old still, stole my keys. I didn't notice until I went to my locker and she was stood there with my locker open. I have such good friends! So, when I got home I was on the laptop for ages and then I realised that I had to do revision. So that made me procrastinate a bit, or a lot, and I put work off until my mum was going to make tea, instead of helping her with tea, 'cause I'm lazy and stuff. Nothing much happened tonight, I tried to focus on revision and failed to epic proportions so I gave up. Then, the most exciting part of my day was ordering my TeraBrite shirt! They have just brought out a shirt on pre order and it looks great - it glows in the dark! So I have pre ordered it and it should be being shipped on 8th Febuary. So I can't wait for that to come!

Also, today I realised that my dad in old pictures looks like Ross from friends in college! It made me laugh for so long! Honestly I'm not sure if I was laughing instead of crying or I just found it hilarious But it started a conversation about the funny parts of friends, so it's all good! This whole thing happened in maths, so you can see how much we do in lessons!

Tonight I plan to catch up on my YouTube videos, which I really need to do so its all good! I have gotten so behind on my YouTube watching at the moment, I've had too much on to watch them all! There are to many YouTubers I like! Incase you don't know I'm kind of obssessed with YouTube. I spend too much time on it, I know but I'm kind of addicted and I don't want to quit, so I'm not going to! Thats just how I am I guess.

Today was awsome because:  I finally wrote an okay blog!

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