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Thursday, 20 January 2011

Thursady is Thursday

Incase you haven't noticed I'm good at being obvious. Just saying. Nothing much happened today really, just school and stuffs. Really, not very interesting I just went through the day.

I'm sorry but this is probably going to be a crappy short blog again. My being a better blogger isn't really working out for me. Its okay on Sundays 'cause I don't do anything. For some reason those are the days that I have more to say.

So I have mentioned TeraBrite/VleraBrite before and I am kind of really very obssessed with them at the moment. I watch their vlogs at least twice and love every single one of them. I just love them. So, thats the interesting few lines of this blog done.

Today was awsome because: I got over 50% in a hard mock I did!

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