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Monday, 24 January 2011

Two Days Worth of Posts

So, today I'm going to do a double blog to make up for my pathetic blog yesterday. I'm going to fill you in on what happened yesterday and what happened today. Again, I'm sorry about yesterdays terrible blog, I decided to start writing this early incase I forget and then it becomes time for Glee! My life is so ruled be TV, its silly, but thats how it is!

So, yesterday a few cool things happened actually. The first thing was I got the first comment on a video! I feel like I have accomplished something in my life now! Its kind of a big deal to get the first comment on a video in YouTube land. The video also told me that I was the first viewer. Kind of made my day. So, yeah. I think I mentioned that I put a new video up yesterday and I'm going to link it in this blog. Just click here. Basically, my day was mostly made up of revision for my exam I had today and wearing my Internet Killed Telivision top. So, that was my day yesterday. It was pretty average really.

Today was okay. There were good bits but there was also the biology exam. I'm going to start with the bad to get it out of the way. The biology exam was okay-ish. It was quite a lot harder than I was expecting but I really hope I've done well on it as Biology is one of the subjects I want to do next year. So, now on to the good bits. Except from the exam my day was pretty good to be honest. I had some laughs with friends which is always good. One of the really good points of today was trying to explain twitter to one of my friends on the bus on the way home. Basically, he is thinking of getting twitter and he knows that I have it so he kind of asked me about it and I was attempting to explain it to him. It was kind of hard. Twitter is hard to explain to people. It was pretty fun to do it though so its all good!

Tonight Glee is on! I really love Glee and I may have already seen them all but nothing beats watching it on actual TV! I know its a good episode today as well so I kind of can't wait!

Today was awsome because: I had a quaver hand for a bit...

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