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Tuesday, 25 January 2011

The day of a day

Had a pretty good day today really. I had lessons and I stayed behind for spanish practise. It was okay, I had to do a test to see if I'm going to do higher or foundation listening in the actual exam in summer. I'm going to do foundation, 'cause I can still get an A if I get a C on the listening. So I kind of prefer that because I kept getting Ds on the higher paper. So its al good! Also, today we decided to try and sort out prom. I'm in my last year of high school so this year involves exams, exams, exams, dressing up day, exams, exams, exams and prom! Everyone has started to get their prom dresses and organise how to get there and stuff. There was a meeting thing at one of our friend's houses today about it and so it really needs to get sorted out. Especially because we need to book a car/limo to take us, and we need to take into account cost and stuff so its all complicated. I have decided that I am going to try and have everyone over on Saturday to try and sort it out.

My life has got a bit less sad and I have more things I'm planning with my friends, which is good 'cause I don't get to see my friends outsde of school as much as I would like to. Its choices (youth club I go to) on friday then I've got people coming over on Saturday. I also have plans to go over to Dan's next friday for his birthday! So I have a lot of plans with friends at the moment! Its not that many I guess, but its more than I usually have. Thats always good! I kind of like having stuff that I'm planning to do.

Today, when I got home my blog had 11 views! That, like blew my mind! I have never had that many views before 7pm, so when it went up to 14 an hour later my mind was exploded! Thank you to anyone and everyone who is reading this. I love you all!

Today was awsome because: I made plans!

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