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Tuesday, 8 February 2011

A day...

Kind of average day. I had my spanish speaking assessment which I failed. Completely failed. But its done and I never have to do another one again - thank god! Other than that nothing much happened really, it was just school. When I got home from school I found an envolope from the DailyBooth offices with a DailyBooth version 3 sticker in! Seriously, kind of the best part of my day. So that was good, I came home, had an ice cream and took a picture to put on DailyBooth with the sticker. Kind of rules.

Apart from that nothing much happened, as I have said. I worked on some physics coursework and watched some YouTubes.

Sorry, I have nothing else to say. Wow, my blogs are lame at the moment.

T-minus 6 days until Monday and London! Can not wait! So, once I come back I will hopefully have a lot of blog material when I come back from that. Then its my friend Emma's birthday on the Saturday. Fun packed busy half term! Sorry, I may neglect you a bit but I'll get back into it soon!

Today was awesome because: my friend was whispering "creature of the night" all through assembley.

Extra cool points if you get the reference!

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