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Wednesday, 9 February 2011

A Day...

I've really been quite down lately. I'm not to sure why, maybe its just because I'm a girl or just because I am and I miss summer. I don't know, lately I've just been feeling like being happy would just be too much effort. I need to try and change that. Lets see how it goes.

So, today was quite good. I had one of the worst/best English lesson ever. We had this horrible supply teacher who started off too strict. So, naturally we played up. There were animal sounds, exagerated coughing and whispering. Which peed the teacher off so it was all worth it! It was pretty funny, and the teacher was horrible. Like, she sent somebody out because they were saying that it would be easier for them to be in groups of 3 not 4. Rubbish teacher, quite a weird lesson, entertaining at times but peed me off a lot and I ended up being horrible to one of my best friends at lunch because of it. Oh well, it'll be fine!

Sorry, this is going to be short but Waterloo road is calling me!

Today was awesome because: of farmyard noises!

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