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Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Twenty two eleven :)

Yes, the title is yesterday's date, but it was a cool date so I decided to put it for todays blog. So, I am actually feeling a lot better today! I had a better day at school, had more laughs, just general fun times, despite it being rubbish lessons. Also, tonight I have been Wicked-ing out on YouTube which kind of made my day! I am kind of in love with Wicked now, I want to see it again! The songs and the story line are so good, just so good that I think I could see it over and over again! I bought quite a few Wicked songs off iTunes today, just because they're amazing!

So, I feel like I'm in such a better mood today and I love it, its kind of fun! I'm having major mood swings at the moment, I guess thats because I'm a teenager. Being a teenager is fun. Yes that was sarcastic. Oh wow, I came over quite bitchy there, I tend to come over like that when I'm being sarcastic, but you know, thats just how it is. Oh wow, that sounded bitchy too. I'm just going to move on now.

I don't really have much else to say really, I'm just in a much better mood which is good!

Today was awesome because: I started my London trip scrap book! AND I fell in love with Wicked even more!

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