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Saturday, 12 March 2011

I sucks. Once again :)

So I haven't blogged in forever! Yes, I suck. I haven't blogged much mainly because I haven't had much to say. I've been tired and lazy most of the week to be honest so I didn't blog much because I didn't do much.But I just had to blog today. I will do a full re cap but I have to start with yesterday...

Yesterday night was one of the best nights of my life. Seriously. It was amazing. I haven't actually told you what happened, so here we go. I went to see the amazingness that are All Time Low live, like in the flesh, I WAS IN THE SAME ROOM AS ALL TIME LOW. Yes, incase you haven't gathered I'm still not fully un excited about it. Sorry, fangirling it out right now. I'm just thinking, this time yesterday we were on our way to see the amazingness! I can not believe we were in the same room as Alex and Jack and everyone! So, actual review thing of the concert coming up now. We arrived, got in the short que, only to be told that that was the early entry que that only special people could go in, and aparently we aren't special enough so we had to walk, like a mile down past the place and wait in a frickin huge line for about half an hour till the doors opened about 10 minutes after they were suposed to. Once we got in and sat down the first support act, Young Guns, came on. They were a bit meh, not very good to be honest but they were just a warm up act so its all good. Then, once they had finished Yellow Card came on. They were really good! Its kind of weird being at a concert and not knowing any of the songs, you can't really tell what the songs are like properly. After they went the amazingness of All Time Low came on and were just amazing, like, wow. One of my friends cried when they came on and cried at the end. I can not actually believe how amazing they were. I wish I was Alex and Jack's turkey...
And that won't make any sense to you unless you were there. What is really amazing is that Alex tweeted and said that we were the best show of the tour! I, personally agree! Afterwards we got cheap T-shirts outside because my friend's sister is awesome! I can't wait to wear it tomorrow!

So, yesterday was just probably one of the best days/nights of my life. Just saying. I can't actually remember every day since I blogged last but here are some highlights. Texted a possible future boyfriend, got my science results back (2 As and 1 A*), had very slow internet and got fast internet back. You can see why 'I haven't blogged.

I am sorry for deserting you interwebz but I am hopefully back!

Today was awesome because: I went to see ALL TIME FIRGGIN LOW yesterday AND I learnt how to use "Text background colour"

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