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Saturday, 16 April 2011

So, yeah, I suck, once again...

I know I promised you I'd blog before I went away and I didn't. Yes, I suck. I don't know why, I just haven't been inspired to blog recently so I figured that if I took a break I'd come back liking it more. I haven't really been inspired but I want to force myself to blog more because, when I can, I really enjoy it. Its not just my blog, I have kind of abandoned DailyBooth as well, I need to get more internety again! So, I'm going to try. Its going to be hard around my GCSEs but I'm definitely going to get better at it once my exams are over and I actually have time that isn't taken up by revision/putting off revision/relaxing from revision. As you can see, my life is kind of taken up by revision at the moment. So, my blogs may not be interesting but they will be blogs!

While I haven't been blogging I've been in Barcelona, searching for prom shoes and, as you can guess, revising. Barcelona was good, I really miss the great weather now I'm back in miserable old England. It was quite nice weather today though, so hopefully we brought the good weather back with us! In Barcelona we did all the tourist buses, sightseeing, shopping and holding on to our bags because of all the pick pocket scare-stories. Fun times. I missed the internet terribly and worried about the revision I should have been doing that my mum would not let me do. As you can tell, revision for GCSEs is pretty much taking over my life and I have promised myself that I'm going to sacrifice my social life for revision if I have to. I really want good results, so I am forcing myself to be motivated.

Honestly, one of main the reasons I am working so hard is probably because my friends (especially one of my best friends who's in all my lessons) are very smart and work very hard and get good results. I know I should want to succeed for my own benefit only but I know I'm not. I just can't help myself. I guess its not such a bad thing that something is motivating me to revise, but I hate how much I am influenced by other people. I guess thats just human nature but I do wish I could be a bit more individual. Maybe I'll just grow out of it but it's something I have to live with or change, I haven't decided yet. I guess it'll make me a better person in time so we'll just wait and see I guess.

I had a few huge paragraphs here and blogger decided not to save it and to mess up when I decided to publish it. So, lets try this again...

Yesterday was full of revision and general nothingness while my mum was in town. I should have blogged but I didn't, I'm sorry! I've kind of been very tired all the time. Today we had our keyboard lesson where I found out that I failed my music theory exam I did a while a go. I was kind of gutted about it but I'm okay about it now. I think it might be the only proper exam I have failed. I guess I have to fail some time. But that is another thing that has made me more motivated. After that we went prom shoe shopping. We started out at Windsors where we didn't find anything so moved on to Maccys, Next and M & S for lunch and more shopping. We found some possible shoes and a possible bag at Next but didn't buy either of them. The shoes were really pretty, they just didn't fit very well and the heel was a bit too small for me. I really really liked the bag we found but were not too sure about whether it would go with my dress or not so decided to leave it for now. We did get my bra at M & S though! I'm sure you're all very interested in that. I need my bra and shoes by the time my dress comes and needs fitting in May which, surprisingly, isn't that far away.

So, girly part over now and I can't remember what else I wrote about now so I'm going to finish off. I think I am going to try to do this daily from now on but if I can't cope I won't but I will blog at least once a week, hopefully more and my good blogs will be at weekends, just so you know.

Today was awesome because: I got a prom bra!

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