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Saturday, 21 May 2011

I have a new, probably unhealthy obsession

My day today has mainly revolved around revision and watching Team StarKid videos on YouTube. Yes, that is my obsession. I feel like I need to make up for not finding out about their awesomeness earlier! If you don't know who they are then just search A Very Potter Musical on YouTube and prepare to become obsessed! Seriously, I cannot describe how amazing they are. I'm just fangirling all over everywhere now.

Just in case you don't look them up (probably because you're crazy) I'm just going to do a short introduction type thing to them. Basically, they are the totally awesome minds that created AVPM, AVPS, MAMD and Starship. If you don't know these plays then you need to! Darren Criss (now in Glee as Blaine) is one of the founding members of the company and he writes all the songs in their plays. Now, if that isn't enough awesome for you, the rest of the company are all super talented and super funny!

Okay, promoting is (kind of) over now.

The point of this is the fact that these guys (and girls) have kind of taken over my life recently. I have this habit of becoming obsessed with things and this is my new obsession. That was probably one of the most state the obvious things I have ever said but, you know, thats what I do! Also, I officially want to go to Pigfarts and meet Rublerawr!

My favourite cast members are:
        • Lauren Lopez (Draco Malfoy and my girl-crush)
        • Joey Richter (Ron and the guy I have the biggest crush on at the moment)
        • Joe Walker (Voldemort and Umbridge, the only guy who can make a lot of girls fall in love with him while playing a villain, a dick and a woman)
        • Darren Criss (damn that G.L.E.E. always making twisted abominations of everything)
        • Jaime Lyn Beatty (Ginny and one of the funniest people in the world)
        • and the rest...

 I may have been watching StarKid related videos for most of this Saturday...

Oh well! Its a good way to spend "the last day on earth" right?

I forgot until about that until just now. I seem to have lived through the first end of the world scare in my lifetime (that I can remember) so I see that as an accomplishment. I never believed this judgement day scare thing. If you hear a little bit about this guy who predicted it and have any sense in the world you can tell its a load of hogus bogus. This guy has used "maths from the bible" to predict the end of the world and judgement day. So, apparently today at 6pm (no idea what time zone) God was coming down to judge everyone and take all the good people up to heaven with him and everyone else would stay here on Earth for a few months in hell before the world was ended in October. Cool. Its currently 10pm in England and well into Sunday in Australia and places around there and if it has happened then hell looks a lot like Earth. It's not hot or anything! Fun times.

So, in conclusion, I am very very obsessed with StarKid Productions and the world was meant to end (kind of) today but didn't. Also, I like brackets and if you got any of the references in here your totally awesome!

Today was awesome because: It was a StarKid day!

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