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Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Celebration day.

Today was our kind of official last day, or our celebration day. Basically, its a day to dress up and be silly and celebrate the fact that high school is nearly over for us! It was very emotional and I cried several times, mostly because one of my best friends won't be going to the same college as the rest of our friends next year. Also, one of my best friends wrote a really really lovely paragraph thing (I keep trying to call them posts, internet obsessed much?) that made me cry without even reading it properly. I just knew it would make me cry from the look on his face when he was writing it. He is seriously one of the sweetest, kindest guys I know! I'm so glad we're going to the same college next year! Okay, end of gushing. Today was so fun, me and my friends dressed up as angels and I think we looked really good! At the end of the day we had a big concert where the teachers and some students performed. I literally signed yearbooks and took pictures all day! I don't think I'll be doing much tomorrow either, oh the joys of finishing school!

In other news, I am still very very obsessed with StarKid and have basically been revising and watching YouTube for the past few days. Oh how fun my life is! I don't really have much to say I'm going to leave you with some pitures of today...ENJOY!

Me and my form friends, as angels!

Me in a 'fro, as you do!

Me and one of my best boy-friends, Dom.

Us angels in the morning

Me, Amy and Sally (angel, Belatrix and angel) these are 2 of my best friends!

Me and my other best boy friend!

So, that was a bit of my day! It was great, as you know!

Today was awesome because: I was angelic!

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