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Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Holiday. Part 2

I was going to do one big blog about my holiday but then last night I couldn't shut up so here's part 2...

On the Saturday I don't think I woke up for the whole day, I was just kind of asleep all day, we were travelling to Beadnell most of the day though so it didn't matter too much. We stopped in Alnwick for lunch and a bit of shopping then we went to our new accommodation. I think the only way to describe that house is interesting. Outside made our cottage look a lot bigger than it was but the downstairs was okay, apart from the tiny television but the upstairs was weird. The bathroom had a bath and a set of pipes that you had to use for a shower but they weren't long enough so you had to sit down. Having a shower sat down Also, my mum's bedroom door opened to cover mine, so that was fun! That night we had tea at the nearest pub which was busy but still nice.

The next day we went into Seahouses again and walked around and had lunch there and stuff then we went to Bamburgh for a bit. It was interesting going to Bamburgh because I went on a residential there in year 4. Being there brought back some memories but also reminded me of how much I forget from primary school but all round it was pretty good! After walking round a bit we sat on the beach reading until it started to rain so we sat in the car reading for a bit instead.After starting to walk along the beach and then getting rained on again we decided to just go back to our house then had tea at the same pub. Over these past 2 days I managed to finish Harry Potter 2 and so we watched a bit of the tiny TV which decided it was black and white for a bit. By the way, black and white makes everything a lot more dramatic!

The next day we went to a village called Craster and looked around Dunstanbrugh castle which was interesting. It was the first day of good weather we had so the walk from Craster to the castle was pretty nice! The castle was nice, again I was marveling at the fact that some people actually lived in that place the whole time. After that we drove to Newton Upon The sea (or Upper Newton or Lower Newton; I'm not sure which) and sat on the beach reading again. We were going to go to the pub there for tea but it was reservation only and only between 7 and 8 so we gave up and went to find tea in Seahouses. We ended up having tea at an Indian restaurant where I ordered chicken nuggets and felt incredibly silly and got teased by the waiter.

As it was another nice day we decided to go on a boat trip to the farne islands the next day. Basically, they're islands that birds go to breed on in the summer and people visit them. After quite a rough journey we arrived on the one you're allowed to go on. Lets just say, birds birds everywhere! That trip gave me a new found respect/fear for birds, seeing a lot in one place and seeing people/my mum being attacked by some and getting attacked once myself does that. I'm very glad I wore my hoodie that day! That pretty much took up most of the day and I think we had tea at the pub in Beadnell again but I can't quite remember.

The next day was another nice day so we went to a place called Cragside. Basically it's a big garden that a big inventor/designer made and his house. It was a really nice place! The only word I can think to describe the gardens is that they were very English, I don't know another way to describe it but it was a nice place. We explored the gardens a bit then went into the house. The house was as nice as the gardens! Usually I think the old hoses are a bit fancy and you can't really imagine anyone living there but this one everyone seemed to agree that you could really imagine this house being lived in. After looking round and having an ice cream we went home and had tea somewhere (not a clue where) and read a bit, as you can see we got into a bit of a routine!

We were feeling lazy the next day so we just had a beach day at Beadnell. That included shorts, reading and sunburn. In that order. It was a very sunny day which we spent lying on the beach reading. It doesn't sound like much but it was nice and made my white legs slightly less white so it's all good! To finish off a lovely summer day we had fish and chips (or chicken nuggets and chips, in my case) on the beach. So, overall it was a good day!

For our last day we went to Alnwick castle which was used as Hogwarts in the first movie, we saw where they learnt how to fly! We went into the castle first, this was okay. It's still lived in and it seemed a bit like they were showing off, as if they were trying to make it clear to everyone that they still lived there and it was a bit of a "look what we have" place. Maybe it was just the contrast between it and Cragside but it was just weird. Also, they didn't seem to want to draw a lot of attention to the Harry Potter connection, I feel like they could have made a lot more of it. There was one sign to show where they learnt how to fly but nothing else really. After looking round the house we walked around the grounds then headed into the town for a bit. On the way there we saw a game of muggle quidditch which was awesome! We walked round the town then went to look at the gardens. They were nicer than the house but were still quite fancy. There was a lot of water features! For our last tea of Beadnell we went back to the pub.

That was the end of our time in Beadnell. The holiday blogs will continue and end tomorrow!

Yesterday I forgot to add what our time around Hexam gave to me. I have found out how fun the long country roads are! There is something so satisfying about seeing a long road streching out in front of you then going up and down on all the little hills! I don't know, its just so...satisfying.

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