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Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Holiday part 3 + my day!

For the last few days of our holiday we drove to Bishop Aukland which is near Durham. The Saturday we got there was the second StarKid live chat and I was excited because we were staying at a premiere inn with internet so I could watch it! One problem though; it cost quite a lot and didn't work very well. After a lot of cafuffle we finally got it working but it cut out part way though. But at least I got to see part of it and some amazing person put it on YouTube so I can see it over and over again! That was basically the first night there.

We only had one full day in Bishop Aukland so we went into Durham. Unfortunately I felt ill for the first hour or so when we were there so I couldn't fully appreciate it at first but after lunch I felt SO much better! Food seems to make me feel better at the moment! After lunch we walked around in the rain a bit then went into the big Cathedral that was built for a monk's grave...fancy stuff! It was nice and churchy and I don't have much else to say about it to be honest. After that we went into the museum library museum thing because it was raining and lets just say, it was dry. I kind of couldn't be bothered with it so I don't have that much else to say. Thankfully by the time we came out it was dry so we tried and failed to walk by the river then headed back to the car. On the way, however, we saw a spanish/litin american band playing on the street. That was amazing! it was about 6 guys playing brass instruments and a woman singing through a megaphone. I think that was the best part about it, the megaphone somehow gave the music the right feel and they were all so energetic it was just so..right. It really kind of reminded me how good street performers can often be! So, that was a good day!

Finally, the next day we were going home! I loved the holiday and everything but I truly am a home girl and I missed internet! We had planned to stop off at some other places on the way home but my mum wasn't feeling too well so we just went straight home.

That was my holiday! I had a good time and got to read a lot! I'm on HP 4!

So, now for my day today. I actually had a great day today! I had a social life for once! It was two of my friend's birthdays today and some of us went to the cinemas for one of them (we're having a book burning party for the other one tomorrow). It was great. I haven't seen my friends in so long and I miss them! One of my friends said she needed to talk to me so we met up earlier and walked up together then went into ASDA where we met up with the rest of our group (except 1 who we met later). I got one of the biggest hugs in the world and the lolz started happening. Oh how I love my friends. So we bought our tickets then headed into the cinemas, but not before I lost my ticket. About 5 minutes after buying it. Then emptied my bag into my friend's hands and found it. That'll teach me not to put a ticket in my huge bag! We were early so just kind of sat talking in the cinema for a while. As always , lolz happened. I have to say, the highlight of the day was sitting there with my friends laughing uncontrollably for at least 10 minutes straight on my lonesome. What I was laughing at I forget but it was very funny (I think, or I might just have been laughing at my laughing) and my friends laughing at me and telling me to stop didn't help. Seriously, I have no idea what made me laugh, my friend said something and I lost it. I can't even think about it without nearly laughing! But hey, laughter is always fun! The film was bad and too long! In my opinion, anyway. It was nearly 3 freaking hours! Oh well, at least I got to spend time with my friends!

My friends are freaks by the way. I love them for that.

Tomorrow us girls are having a burning books party to celebrate a birthday and leaving school in once! It's a sleepover so no blog tomorrow! It's hard having a social life you know...

Today was awesome because: I saw my friends! I had lolz! I had hugs! <<<< 3 of my favourite things right there!

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