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Tuesday, 2 August 2011

A note about fandoms

As most of you probably know, in the past few months I have recently become very involved in the StarKid fandom. That, inevitably, comes with the Harry Potter and Glee fandoms mixed in and I'm fine with that. While there are many things I love about this fandom, there are also some things that annoy me that I need to get off my chest so this blog is just going to be my thoughts on fandom things. If you're on tumblr this may make more sense but I'll try to make it make sense for everyone, hopefully it'll work.

Ever since joining tumblr I have found some amazing pictures/gifs/information/people relating to StarKid etc. and there is an amazing sense of community on there. You can connect to someone anywhere in the world purely because you love the same group of  people. Tumblr is the place where you are almost garenteed to find at least one person who thinks in a similar way to you, someone you never thought you would be able to talk to. It really is a great website if you are a big fan of anything. There are also a lot of amazing people on there. Mostly it is a site for teenagers but, in between the drama and mess there is some great writing, some amazing projects and some great friends on there.

There is one bad thing about it mostly being teenage girls. The drama. Unfortunately, some people on tumblr seem to think they should send anonymous hate to people who are usually already quite sensitive. There is one particular person involved in the StarKid fandom that recieves a lot of hate because she has been lucky enough to meet and befriend the StarkKids in a way that most of us will not be able to. I don't know exactly what the hate she gets is like but I know that it can get very bad. To me, this is a product of jealousy and the fact that a lot of people wish they could have the experiences she has had. In my opinion, one of the reason she gets this is because this fandom is mainly made up of teenage girls and with all the hormones etc. we have to deal with, jealousy is a natural thing. Therefore, I feel like the hate is something that naturally happens, it doesn't mean that I am excusing these things or that I feel that they are rite in any way but I feel like it's an explanation for it. But that's just my theory, I might be wrong, I might be rite, I don't know. I must say, I have never experienced hate personally (touch wood and thank god) so I'm not actually speaking from personal experience, just what I have observed over time.

Something that just generally annoys me about the StarKid fandom is that some people seem to think they have the right to judge other fans because of how they came to be fans. A lot of people found StarKid through Glee and a lot of fans seem to feel as if knowing Darren and Team StarKid before Glee makes them special in the fandom. This particularly annoys me because I only discovered the amazingness of them after Darren was on Glee. I knew of them but it wasn't until I saw Darren on Glee that I thought I'd give AVPM another go and I loved it! But I hated seeing the comments saying "Like if you knew them before Glee" etc. because it made me feel bad that I was a new fan and not someone who was with them from the start. I still feel a bit like that to be honest. I don't feel like I can really be proud of Darren's success because I didn't know him before he was famous. I hate that I feel like that but I just do, I don't know if it will ever change.

This was more of a blog about tumblr, instead of the fandom but to me it's the same thing so there you go!

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