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Wednesday, 3 August 2011

BEDA Day 3: Friendsfriendsfriends Funfunfun

I have Wednesdays off from volunteering so I'm hope they're going to be my social days, today certainly was! A group of us had arranged to go out and about and just generally hang out today so that's what we did, it was totally awesome.

There's something about our friendship group that means that whenever we get together we turn into 5 year olds. It's so fun! Today we walked up to McDonalds for McFlurries as it was about 100 degrees and we were dying. So we sat, ate and talked, not being too immature yet. Towards the end deputy head of our high school and his son came in which was weird to say the least; it may or may not have been one of the reasons we left. However, we couldn't leave before crazy crazy-haired and short funny friends decided they wanted some balloons that were being put out for the little kids. I told you, we're immature! After they got their balloons while the rest of us walked out we just kind of walked and debated what to do next.

In our town McDonalds is very near to IKEA and Toys R Us so we were torn between playing a game of hide and seek in IKEA (new life goal right there) or having some fun in Toys R Us. Naturally, Toys R Us was chosen. I think we must have spent a good hour in there just playing with the toys and reliving our childhood. We sat on/in some toy cars and mini desks and beds and decided which ones we wanted. We found rumbleroar, some random animal toys and the life sized baby dolls that were all the range when we were kids. I found a few caterpillar things that I would actually put in my home, even though I have no kids, I just liked the colours. I took pictures of us being silly and worried about being chucked out. We also found our future homes! I consider it to be time well spent!

After that we walked back to near(er) our houses/ASDA and sat on a field for a bit until sweet guy friend had to go so we walked him to his house. The rest of us walked to ASDA to wait for parents/wait for everyone else to go and then leave. While we were loitering outside one of the shops we saw someone we know from choices and chatted a bit and it was fun. I have no idea why I turned into a 5 year old for a minute there.

That was my day! There was some StarKid talk, some Harry Potter talk and just some talk. I like talk. The main reason I write days like this down in here is because I want to remember them. I know it's impossible for me to remember every detail of the day but if I write it down on my blog it is permanent (unless I delete it, which I won't) and it will always be something I can look back on. I like to document the good times because I don't want to forget them. Even if I drift away from my friends I know they will always be special to me and I never ever want to not be able to know what they were like and the fun we shared. That is one of the reasons I take so many pictures. If I can look back on the fun times we had and read the people, date and place I feel like I will never forget them. I guess that is one of my biggest fears: forgetting the things that are special. It is ultimately the reason that I started writing in here.

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