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Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Harry Potter

Since becoming part of the StarKid fandom I have become a bit involved in the Harry Potter fandom. There's no way you can't do so if you're on tumblr. I didn't truly grow up with Harry Potter. I read the books once when they came out but didn't go to see the movies for many reasons. So I knew the story and I heard about the films but I never watched them. I still haven't seen the sixth film. A lot of people grew up with Harry Potter. Harry Potter has always been their life. I wish I was like that.

But, even though I didn't grow up with Harry Potter in the way most people did I still grew up with Harry Potter, everyone my age did. Most people read the books growing up. Most people watched the movies. A lot of people loved them so much and they shaped their lives. A lot of people also read the books, watched the movies and that was it. A few people never read Harry Potter, never saw the movies, didn't care about them.

No matter which category you fall into Harry Potter still changed your life in some way. It couldn't not. Each time a new book or a new film was released the whole world knew about it. If you left the house or watched TV or were on the internet at any point, you'd know there was a new Harry Potter event coming up. You heard about it, you most likely knew people who loved the series and were extremely excited about it. So it affected your life. It just did. If you were born in the 90s you knew about Harry Potter and it affected your life in some way.

Harry Potter is a book series that changed the world. Just by existing and having fans. It's changed so many people's lives and so many people are connected by it. It's a fact of life now.

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