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Wednesday, 6 June 2012

New Experiences

Tomorrow I am going to be meeting up with one of my best friends for the very first time. I've only ever talked to her through technology but I love her dearly and can not wait to finally be able to yell in her face with happiness! However, I'm also scared stiff. I'm taking on a completely new experience, going somewhere I've never gone before and meeting someone I've never met before. It's scary. Luckily my mum will be with me for 90% of my journey then I'll be with my friend for most of the day.

There was a time when a big portion of the journey would be done on my own but my mum stepped in and decided to help me get through it. I'm so thankful for that and I know that, if she hadn't have done that I wouldn't be nearly as happy going into tomorrow. Thank God for Mums!

 But there will be a little time (literally 15 minutes) when I won't be with anyone, when I'll be travelling to our meeting place alone. This is totally new for me. I've never, ever gone on a new journey on my own, I've never traveled somewhere I've never been before, on completely alien transport alone. It's going to be completely new.

I think that is the part of the journey I am dreading the most. The fact that I will be totally independent, travelling somewhere new on my own for the first time ever. It's scary. But it's certainly not the first time I'm going to have to be totally independent in a new experience, it'll happen my whole life, I know it will and I look forward to having independence. But it doesn't stop it being scary.

This journey will be a big thing for me. The 15 minute bus ride isn't much but it's a lot for me, right now. It's the first bus ride I'll be taking on my own, without someone who's done it before or any prior knowledge of it.It's a big step for me: my first step into independence and I can't wait. But at the same time, I know that this first step will be hard and terrifying. To anyone else, it's probably nothing, but to me it's big. It's all relative.

Maybe that's what I need though, I need to do this because it's an important life skill. It's something that will help me with my next scary, unknown experience. It's something that I will always be able to draw from. This will be the first of many new experiences in my life time. Maybe it'll help me grow and make the next time I'm stepping into the unknown that little bit easier and more manageable.

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