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Monday, 16 July 2012

Not feeling special

Lately I have started to feel like everything that made me stand out isn't that original any more. Where I used to be the only person I know who liked the same things as me for the same reasons, others seem to be exactly the same. It has bothered me for a while, really. I liked being the person who likes this thing or the person who loves this person more than anyone else people know. But now I feel like other people have come a long and are exactly the same as me. I wouldn't have thought it would bother me, I'd have thought that it would be nice to have someone exactly the same, someone who got me and understood everything. But I've just found that it makes me feel downhearted and like I'm not special, I'm just one of many.

However, at the same time I know that I am unique and there is no one quite like me in the world, everyone is completely unique. But knowing this doesn't stop me from feeling disappointed, or unhappy, when I realize that someone is the same as me. It just feels like the little bits that make me different from the next person are taken away, taking away the little parts that make me the unique person I am.

This feeling reminds me of something I saw on twitter: "You're unique, just like everybody else." I struggle with this. It's such a contradiction, but it's true. Life seems full of contradictions. Maybe that's what life is. I've just got to work it out.

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