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Saturday, 14 July 2012

Learning to be brutally honest

So last night I was hanging out with my friends and I have this one friend who, honestly, has been upsetting me with the things that she does/says recently. It had got to the point that I was over thinking it this past week and her behaviour had really started to get me down. She just wasn't making me feel good when I was around her and it was upsetting me. I'd asked for advice and, every time, I'd be told to confront her and tell her how I was feeling. Since we mainly joke around I hadn't felt able to let her know that her behaviour was bothering me, I usually didn't feel like I could. So I just kept over thinking her behaviour and kept getting hurt by the things that she said/did, in my mind there was nothing I could do.

But last night she did something that annoyed me, not an extraordinary amount, just the usual. If she did this any time before last night I would have tried to get her back and ended up more hurt by her retaliation. However, last night I told her that I was sick of her doing things like that. I just came out and told her how I was feeling. Although I was initially met with mockery, after a while I really think she got that I was serious and that I really didn't like the way that she'd been treating me. She apologized and vowed to try and change.

If you would have told me before that this would be her response I would not have believed you. I would have practically laughed at you for thinking that she would care. But I realized yesterday that maybe she does actually care how I feel. Maybe I had been over thinking her actions a bit to much. Maybe, if I'd have been brutally honest with how I've been feeling some of the other times that she's done things like this, it would be different.

Last night was an eye opener, truly. It's shown me the power of just being brutally honest if someone who you consider a friend upsets you. It might just work out well for your relationships. This was a lot more personal than most of my other posts but I learnt a great lesson from it that I want to share. Being honest instead of bottling it up can feel so good and it may even set into motion a change that helps who knows how many people.

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