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Thursday, 27 September 2012

We merely co-existed, Almost met but always missed it, Spinning round like two sides of a coin.

This quote is from a poem by Sarah and Phil Kay/e about how they met. How they've had such similar lives, always being in the same place at the same time but just missing each other. Today I started thinking about just how many people we pass in our lives.

You see so many faces daily, so many people doing so many things. How many people's homes do we pass a day? How many people's livelihood do we pass? How many people's pictures are we in the background of? We are all so connected yet so unaware of it.

Little routines like travelling to school, travelling home from work and eating your lunch are shared by so many. We may all do them in slightly different ways but we still share them in beautiful synchronization. Yet we merely co-exist in them. We have our own little world of people to share our day-to-day life with but how many other people do we share this with? How many people do we merely co-exist around?

Maybe one of the people we merely co-exist with will one day become the most important person in our world. Maybe you're meant to be friends with that person always sat one table away at lunch. Maybe we're just meant to spin round like too sides of a coin, be in each other's world but at the same time never really notice it. There are infinite possibilities. We should leave ourselves open to them because who knows what might happen with one of the strangers we pass by.

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