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Monday, 31 December 2012

The New Year

In many ways, 2012 has felt like an extension, maybe the closure of 2011 and not much more. It doesn't feel like 2012 has brought much in the way of life changing events for me. 2011 was the best year of my life so far. A lot happened and I had a lot of good times, it was without a doubt my happiest year. 2012 was alright. Honestly, it wasn't monumental. It wasn't a great year and, especially recently, I went through some rough times with my emotions. All in all, however, it was okay. It wasn't a bad year, 2011 was just better in comparison.

It's hard to distinguish the past two years from each other because, in many ways, they've just run into one. School carried on almost exactly the same, my friendships either became weaker or stayed the same and my life just generally plodded a long at the same place. all in all, though, it's not been a bad year. When I look back on it, I see that there were quite a few good things about 2012 and that is the best I can hope for.

But now I know that 2013 will be different. A lot will change. But that's okay, it's needed. It'll be scary and it'll be hard but it'll be okay. I know I just have to be present and try to be the best me I can be and I'll be okay.

Good things about 2012:

  • I celebrated my first first anniversary with the person I love the most in the world
  • I started to search for inspiration
  • I tried to help people
  • My confidence increased
  • I achieved good enough grades
  • I worked my butt off for those grades
  • I received offers from all 5 of the Universities I applied for
  • Glow* started
  • I got a great job
  • I met 3 of the best people I know in person for the first time

Goals for 2013:

  • Love more
  • Live in the present more
  • Worry about the future less
  • Write as much as possible
  • Read more

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