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Sunday, 16 January 2011

I love being happy!

Okay, so this being happy stuff rules! I've been happy for 3 days and I've not been down atall really! I love it! The past few blogs have been rubish 'cause I was blogging from my iPod touch, I have been forgeting to blog when I'm on the laptop or not I have not had time to go on the laptop at night. So sorry I've been a crappy blogger, I promise I'm going to get better! I have decided I'm going to get better! So you can slap me if I don't. I probably shouldn't have said this because I bet someone I know irl will take me up on it. I know you will.

Anyway, Ive had a kind of boring day today, as Sundays always are. As normal, I started off with going to church and helping with the little ones. That was good, there is this one girl who we look after who is adorable and i love her to bits! She is the sweetest 3 year old in the world! She is very quiet but very smart and she's in the "why?" stage at the moment which is, uhm, fun. Today she asked "Why is the 2 happy?" it was quite funny really, none of us knew what to say. So she is so cute and thats all I have to say about her at the moment. Then, once we got home we had lunch and then I started my work. I just had to revise today so I printed off 3 past exam papers (one for every day I have until the exam) and did one of them. So I went through it, marked it and got 26 out of 42. I didn't think that was very good but then I looked at the grade boundries and it turned out I got an A! It must have been a really hard paper! So after that I relaxed for a bit I  had a bit of an argument with my mum over the subjects I have picked for the college taster day on tuesday. I can't wait 'till that day! After that I decided to do a mind map for each section I need for my chemistry exam. Its really wierd but I have put them up in my bathroom so I can be going over the stuff in the mornings and the evenings. So thats what I've done and now I'm just relaxing on the computer until Wild at Heart is on. So that is my day.

Another thing, which I have now forgoten. Oh well, well my last 2 blogs have lacked a today is awsome because. So I'm going to just do one for today and not try to remember that far back.
Today is awsome because: I got revision done AND I did I good(ish) blog!

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