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Wednesday, 5 January 2011

I suck at doing things

So it turns out I had quite a lot of homework over the christmas holidays. Too bad I didn't know that in the holidays. So tonight I have to read the 71 page script of The Elephant Man. Which is what I should be doing now. I may be trying to put it off by blogging instead. Oopsy. I really need to get on. But I want to blog more, oh the hardships of life!

Had an okay day today. Lunch was quite fun, even though I got a coke bottle chucked over me. It wasn't aimed at me but it got me wet... We still had a laugh though!

So when I was writting this my mum walked in and I had to abondon it to read. I am on page 42 at the moment, wish me luck!


  1. :O should have been done for Tuesday lol naughty girl