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Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Long day

Not had a very eventful day today, it was just very long! It was a long day at school, so we had 6 hours of that and I had to stay behind for chemistry revision for an hour. It helped but it sucked. I have to do it again tomorrow. How fun. I hate being in year 11. Its fun, but there is so much work! As soon as you finish one lot of exams another lot starts. My first exam is in a week tomorrow. Its chemistry which is the one subject we haven't finished. So I'm teaching myself from the revision guide. So I'm doing a lot of revision at the moment. Plus I'm doing a music theory mock in march and our teacher decided we need to do a mock for it on Saturday. That is another thing I have to revise for. So its kind of a stressful time at the moment. I guess its going to be worse in the summer but oh well! I can not wait until the 1st of July when all our exams are done and I have 2 months of holiday to look forward to!

A few days ago I had a rant about Kenneth Tong. Now I'm going to have another rant about him. Today he has said that he made the whole managed anorexia shabang was made up. Aparently he was trying to prove that some one can become popular from saying something online. What? WHAT!? REALLY!?! Now I'm finding it hard to get off caps lock. But this guy, wow, he could not be more stupid. Number one, he did not prove what he thinks he proved, he was on BB10 in 2009 so there were some people who knew of him before hand. If someone like me, who is unknown, did that and succeeded THEN it may show that it can be done but it does not work with him. Secondly, does this asshole know how much damage he has probably caused to people? Whether it was an "experiment" or not there still will have been teenagers who saw his tweets and took on his point of view. Doing something like that with a subject as serious as anorexia is so stupid! I know some people on twitter actually agreed with him and I saw an "I love Kenneth Tong" twitter on the first day I found out about this crap. So he may have made some young girls anorexic, he could have killed some people. He has said that he is going to donate to a charity and is going to sell an iPod touch to raise money but that is not going to change what he has done. The whole thing is the biggest load of shit I have ever heard. I'm sorry but it is absolutely stupid. He still needs to get off twitter. What he has done is just stupid.  Arg, he just makes me so mad! He. Needs. To. Get. Off. Twitter.

Yeah, I get annoyed easily!

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