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Monday, 10 January 2011

Picture day!

So today we had our year 11 photos. We had a whole year photo and the individual pictures which was kind of wierd. Basically the 300 people in our year went into the sports hall, arranged our selves into height order, got told to stand on a wierd steppy thing and had our picture taken. Then we all went down and got individual ones done. It was wierd. But we got to miss a bit of school so it was okay! The photographer who did my picture was wierd. She was doing that arty tilting the camera thing and she told me to say hi. So, I sat down and she goes "move your hair out of the way" so I moved it a tiny bit, hardly any, then she goes to me "say tah" so I pretended I didn't hear her. I had already been warned that she might tell me to say something, one of my friends was before me and she said that the woman told her to say yeah and my friend said no, so I was expecting it. So I just smiled and stayed how I was. So after the first picture was taken the camera woman goes to me "so your not going to smile with your teeth?" and I shook my head. Then she brings the camera dead close to me and took another picture. Then it was done. Yeah, she was wierd.

I realise I come off moody in this blog but I really don't like my smile when I show my teeth and sometimes the only way to get a decent picture of me is for me not to show my teeth. Also, before the picture was taken the girls toilets in the lesiure centre (right next to where the photo was being taken) looked like a boots advert. There were so many girls in there with so much make up being put on it was funny! Boys have it easy, they don't have to bother with that kind of thing.

Today was awsome because: I got the last picture I will ever get taken in school done.

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