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Monday, 31 January 2011

Physics is over!!

So, today I had my physics exam, I thought it was really hard actually. But so did everyone else so its all good. Hopefully, because of this the grade boundaries will be low! Nothing much really happened today, I had a fun lunch before the exam, just goofing around with my friends. Laughing and being stupid is the best. Especially when you're stood outside the place your exam is about to take place freezing your extremities off. Yes, I did just say that extremely geeky thing. You know you love it!

Random question: why do I keep smelling lindor chocolate? If you can answer it, I will love you forever!

Prom update: We asked one of our boy mates to come in our limo to prom but people kept bugging him to come to prom and he said no but another one of our boy mates says he will come with us if there is another boy so fingers crossed the first boy mate changes his mind!

Today was awesome because: I sang/did the can can very badly before I had a physics exam!

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