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Sunday, 9 January 2011

Sunday is my boring day

I don't do much on Sunday, so I don't have much to say. But I have more time so I'm probably going to blog more. So, today I went to church in the morning, I'm not extremely christian but I do believe in God and me and my mum help out with the little kids group. I quite like it and love the children we help, so its worth the early get up. When we got home we had lunch and I've just been revising for the rest of the day. Revision is so dull but I know it needs to be done but that doesn't mean I like it.

So, today I want to talk about Kenneth Tong. He is a dick. Fact. If you don't know what he's done, he has started a campign thing on twitter basically saying that everyone should be size zero. It is rediculous. He has a size zero pill and is promoting "managed anorexia" which is the STUPIDEST idea I have ever heard. Aparently, if you are not size zero you are perfect and anything else is disgusting. Sorry, but WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK!? That is the biggest bullshit I have ever heard. I found out about this last night and it just made me so mad! These are some of his tweets: "Just left Church. God said, "Kenneth Tong, keep up the good work, to be slimmer is to be closer to god, closer to perfect." Glad he's a fan." "   Don't listen to your family. They're lying to you. You are not beautiful. You eat too much. Stop. You need to be skinny. You deserve it." and "Inner beauty is a myth. You are just fat. You are unloved. People look at you & are pleasant cause they feel sorry for you. Size Zero... " Okay, everything he has said is so sad and so untrue it is He has actually made me become less determind to become thinner. Before last night I was determind to get a flat tummy but now, I don't feel like I need one. If it is going to leave me like that then I don't want it. I am going to try and be more healthy but I am not going to take any of this guy's suggestions. Size zero is not a size!!

Okay, rant over!

Later on today I plan to revise more and edit a new YouTube video. So I'm going to have an equally excting day. Oh, I just rememberd Wild at heart comes back tonight! The season of good TV is returning to us! Glee returns tomorrow, which I am really excited about! I LOVE Glee! It just makes me happy!

Today was awsome because: I was being productive and had to think "big elephants always understand small elephants" to spell the word because!

I have nothing else to say really. It was a long blog today so bye!

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