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Saturday, 5 February 2011

Active! :D

So, I almost feel normal today! The list of things I hadn't done that I posted yesterday, well I pretty much did all of them today! I think. I am still feeling a lot better and the only thing thats bothering me now is my asthma but I can deal with that, I have for most of my life. So its all good! I really really want to see my friends now; I haven't seen them this month! Hopefully that will change on monday though!

Today I actualy wore clothes, did my make up and wore my lenses. I know, I feel so normal! I even left the house! It was not very exciting - I just went to windsors - but it was better than nothing! I am overusing exclimation points in this blog! Oh well!

Anyway, I haven't had a very interessting day really. It was kind of a normal Saturday, but not really. Oh well! I feel better and that makes me happy so its all good!

Today was awesome because: I felt normal for once!

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