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Friday, 4 February 2011

I missed a day - Sorry :(

Yesterday I didn't blog. I know, my new years resolution has been broken, atleast I did it for a whole month! So, last night at about 9 o clock I decided to go to bed, forgetting that I had to blog still. I just felt really really rough. I went upstairs, started to get ready for bed and just felt unbeleivabley terrible. It was horrible. I just wanted to get better and not feel like rubbish any more. So I called my mum and told her how bad I felt then crawled into bed and tried to sleep. After a while I went to sleep, without blogging or writing in my diary or any thing I normally do before going to bed. Yesterday morning I was sick on an empty stomach which was, obviously, horrible. I didn't think I had eaten anything all day yesterday but today I remembered that I had a piece of toast before she went to work. So I only ate a piece of toast yesterday and felt sick all day. So, that was fun!

Today I have actually felt quite a lot better! My asthma has kicked in and I'm coughing a lot but I have eaten a piece of toast, pringles and some grapes so far and I'm hoping to eat some more.I really do feel better and I'm hoping that I'm going to be well enough to go into school on Monday.

I have not done so many things since last Monday. I have not: seen my friends; worn proper clothes; been out of the house; worn my lenses; eaten a proper meal or worn any make up.Yes, I haven't done a lot these past few days. I miss my friends and I miss being hungry. Wow, what is this, the sick diaries?

Sorry, but that has basically been my life for the past few days. I am writing this early just in case something like yesterday happens, if anything notable does happen I will update this blog but I doubt anything will happen.

Today was awesome because: It is my friend, Dan's birthday today! Go tell him happy birthday!

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