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Thursday, 10 February 2011

I have no title for this blog...

So today was just a day. But, I can't call this blog "A Day" because that is what I called the last 2 blogs so I can't call it that again. It was review day today so I only went into school for about 30 minutes. Aswell as the useless 5 minutes with my form tutor I also had my Barrow Hall College interview (thats the college attached to our school) which was kind of useless too. It was basically them advising me on what I could do and at the end the teacher says "Of course we will offer you a place". So that was good.

Other than that I have been doing my physics coursework all day. Its due in tomorrow so I had to work on that. That has basically been my day. I'm still not in much of a better mood to be honest. Oh well, hopefully having a good time in London will make me happier! Today my mum didn't do much for my mood by telling me a need to do more excercise when she hugged me and felt my chubby sides. That was fun. Not.

Oh well, I guess shes right but still, its never nice to hear. But I guess I'll get over it!

Today was awesome because: I didn't have to drag myself to school!

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