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Saturday, 26 February 2011

I don't have a title for this blog...

So, I didn't blog atall yesterday because I am a fail. Well, actually its because I wasn't on the computer/laptop right before I went to bed and I always blog almost last thing. So, yesterday, here we go. Yesterday was school and choices. School was just school, I can;t remember much from it. The main thing that happened was one of my best friends decided that she had to apologise to her douche bag ex for something he should be apologising for. So at lunch she came back from that crying and the rest of the school day was spent kind of consoling her and trying not to slap her ex. So that was fun.
That night it was choices but hardly anyone went. It was still quite fun 'cause I got to spend time with my best friend Emma. That was quite fun, she came round to mine before and we had some laughs which is always good. But later in the night she had boy trouble aswell. Yes, it was the day of boys are dicks yesterday. I think that is all I have to say about yesterday.

Today was quite good. I had my keyboard lesson, as normal, then me and my mum went prom dress shopping. It was a successful trip! I ordered my prom dress! Its lime green (it looks nicer than it sounds) with daimond detail things on one side. Its kind of hard to explain but I will post a picture on here after prom. To those who know me in real life, I'll show you a picture next time I see you. Its ordered and should be arriving around May. So yay! Prom is pretty much sorted for me! It feels good. Once we did that we came home and I revised for my theory exam on Thursday. Then I chilled on the internets the rest of the day. Because that is how cool I am.

Today was awesome because: I ordered my prom dress!!

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