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Saturday, 12 February 2011


So today I'm in a better mood. I didn't blog yesterday because I just felt meh so I didn't blog 'cause I feel like I should stop being so horribley depressing and moody on here - I have decided that I am going to leave my diary for that. So I am going to fail on my new years resolution already. I'm sorry but I feel like its better like this.

So yesterday, as I mentioned, was quite meh. One of my best friends was a bit upset and that kind of got me down all day and I guess that might be one of the main reasons I didn't blog yesterday. I don't know, it just got me down. I hate it when my friends are upset but I guess thats a thing in life. That was basically my day to be honest.

Today was better. Me and my mum went to see the show Spamalot in Manchester which was so funny! It was a great show, I've seen better but it was just a fun show and theres nothing wrong with that. It cheered me up so its all good! I'm kind of whiped out now though, I need sleep! I'm also looking forward to London a lot more so its all good! Basic message of this paragraph: so its all good!

Also, random fact of the day: I spilt wine on my top at tea so I put my PJ top on because I am just THAT cool! Oh yeah! Now you can tell I'm in a better mood! I likes it...

I might get like this more often...

Today was awesome because: The actor in Spamolot couldn't keep a straight face!

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