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Thursday, 17 February 2011

Landan :D

So, I got back from London yesterday night! I was exhausted so I just kind of slept. The trip was so fun and so busy and it was just really really good! It feels like it was so much longer than 3 days, we did so much! I'm going to do a day by day re cap, just because.

On Monday we woke up super early to get the train for 8:30am, spent 2 hours on the train and we were in London! All 80 of us pilled off the train and made our way to the tube and the hotel and dropped our bags off and stuff. So after that we made our way to the London eye, went on that and did sightseeing stuffs, ending up in covent gardens for a bit of shopping and being bored and everything. That night we went to a restaurant/hotel place to eat. We had 2 veggies on our table but the place decided not to prepare for veggies. The main and funniest bit of the night was the ghost waitress. I think its a kind of had to be there moment but we laughed so hard! Emma was literally crying laughing. I don't really know why it was funny but she just appeared and we laughed for ages afterwards! So that was ace!

The next day, Tuesday I got up and had an evil shower. Seriously, it was absolutley evil, I think I nearly flooded our bathroom but oh well! Then, us drama people headed off to a tour of the globe theatre with the most annoying guide ever. She called herself Ruthy. That just says it all I think. After that we headed to Oxford street for an hour to eat and shop before our acting workshop. That was quite fun, it was good to do some drama though. Then, after that I think we met up with art to eat at a pub before we went to see Wicked. Wicked was amazing! It was the best show I have ever seen, and I've seen quite a lot of shows.I was literally shaking at the end of it, it was rediculous how amazing it was!

Yesterday, Wednesday, we headed to covent gardens to shop and stuff. In that time me and Emma managed to get completely lost, which is always fun! When we went back to meet up with the others this really good street entertainer started. He was great, really funny and possibly scared some children by telling them that he was their real daddy. Yeah, so he was great, I actually payed him! After that we watched him we headed to the theatre to see the lion king. It was great, not as good as wicked in my opinion but the costumes and everything were amazing! I think it was the fact that the story was just disney to be honest.

So, in all the trip was great, I had loads of fun with my best friend and it was just a great time! It felt so much longer than 3 days but it was amazing!

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