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Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Stuff, stuff, stuff

So, I'm blogging in the week! I know, wow, what a shock! I just wanted to say some things, because I felt like it. I have decided 2 things in the past few days. Number 1, I am going to be kind of doing BEDA (blog every day in april) this April and number 2, I am now determined to go to at least one YouTube meet up in my lifetime.

Now for the explaining part.

BEDA comes from the YouTube thing VEDA (vlog every day in april) and, because I'm not good enough at YouTube to do it, I have decided to do it for my blog instead, just completely copying Kristina Horner. One problem, I will be going to Spain for a few days in April so I probably won't be able to blog on those days. So I will be doing BEDA minus the days that I'm in April. So BEDAMDIIS. But I'm probably just going to call it BEDA. I don't know We'll see how it goes. Hopefully this will make me better at writing. I admire the people who can write properly on their blogs and stuff so hopefully I will become a better blogger soon.

I have become determined to go to a YouTube gathering and meet at least some of my favorite YouTubers. This ambition has come about because of all the videos I have seen about Playlist Live and it just seems so much fun and I hate that I can't go to any of the big YouTube gatherings because I live in the UK and all the gatherings I hear about are in the US. Its kind of annoying and I really hope that suggestions for VidCon to be in the UK in 2012 are accepted because it would just be amazing!

As you can probably tell, a lot of my life/ambitions are influenced by YouTube. Its kind of bad probably. Oh well, I have made a vow to myself that I am going to make some decent stuff on YouTube because I love the community on there. I don't have time to focus on YouTube right now so that is why I am planning to do it in the Summer because I feel like then I will have time to focus on it.

Today was awesome because: Maths revision finished early because of a fire alarm!

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